Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Have engineer husband must travel...

DH is in travelling mode again. Hari ini I tinggal sorang dengan Syasya sebab dia pergi Bintulu pagi tadi naik BELON. Dont worry...we wont be home brother Faisal is over for the night every Wednesday (he is with S.H.E KTMB and he lives in Kg Gajah actually but today is meeting day so he stays over and does not kommute back)

Kali ni semua last minute notice. But since he is the only expert in the field (cathodic protection), he had to go. Even if it means, kelmarin drive to Pasir Gudang...yesterday came fly to Bintulu...tomorow coming back...Sunday to Kerteh and Monday coming back.

If I was 100 pounds lighter (in packing that is) I memang dah ikut.

When I got the news on Monday to travel, memang la rasa like, nak pergi tak nak, nak pergi tak nak. I totally forgot that it was that time of the year...

I will haunt you in your your your tastebuds like a drug...muhahahah - the durian kampung

The minute I heard my mother said my dad has gone to rumah nenek kat "darat" to pick up the durians. (my house is kat "laut" and my nenek is now staying near us - which simply means we are near to the sea thats all he he he) ..I salivating...and even before lunch was cooked, I dah mengadap benda ni and my father happily bagi parang for me to mulakan upacara makan tak hengat nya...

DH is not a fan so its all to myself..tamak kan????
Bayangkan, same time last year I mengidam makan ni sangat-sangat sampai when Sya was born, we blame it on my cravings for this menyebabkan dia drooling (mengences)

So why durian kampung ni hebat sangat? The seed inside is small, which means more meat. The taste is lemak lemak manis and not so gassy.

kecik je biji dia...

Unfortunately, I didnt pack any back to KL but hopefully when my parents come over during the Sultan of Johor's birthday holiday, they will.

And will bring back some Jambu Air (yang macam loceng tu). These are blossoming rite now.

But my dear mom, left some kedondong for heaven. Tak ada asam, cicah kicap and gula pun jadilah.

target is in place...

One thing I was amazed when I went back was how cool and clear the weather was.

Topi buat angkat kain ni...sebab nak elak kepala panas le...

I also found out that now nak bayar Visa ke US kena pakai credit card. My cousin who is flying to the states mintak tolong my dad..since dotter dia ni dulu keje credit card company my dad tanya la safe ke, boleh caya ke. Later he when to town to the bank to get the conversions so that my cousin tau nak bayar berapa. I kesian jugak, my cousin ni anak orang susah (father dia pencen askar and had brain tumor) so basically "Pak Ngah dan Mak Ngah" which is my parents are the ones diaorang mintak mom kata asalnya dulu pun my parents orang susah, now da senang sikit apa salahnya tolong saudara sendiri kan?

"Atuk...the conversion of Malaysian Ringgit to US Dollars according to today's rate is..."Syasya

Rasa macam tak nak balik je what not now Sya is quick to become a toddler with so many antics it scares the hell out of me. The tips and tricks this girl can conjour up, I wonder if she's a 2 y.o stuck in a body of a 10 month old :P

"Yok, golekki durian nang darat umah oyang.." kata Syasya dalam bahasa jawa karatnya

"Muat ma...MUAT!"

...sib baik dia da take morning nap so I can write this he he he

"South bound to North Highway...7.30pm.."


  1. nasib baikla baru santap durian pontian last saturday!kalu tak ngencess jugak nih =)

  2. wah..makes me feels like eating durian too... I LOVE durian!!!

  3. dila~noor : eh..orang johor juga? he he he

    jys : hi jys..thanks for stopping by and glad to know you love durian too!. Pray all goes well to your streamyx eh!

  4. ohhhh heaven...!! husband i dgn ank2 pun tak mkn so i can eat all to myself :D, tamak skit takpe kan..

    eh, siannya your DH travels tak henti2...kalau i sure dah semput nak travel mcm time u join lah..

  5. WAHH.. eank eh yo mangan durian.. ngences waey ki..arek sitik? ahahahahha.. pandai tak pandai..

  6. Lyana : Kalau company bayar expenses family skaly mau ikut je dia kemana....

    Rose : waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sangat pandai la...he he he...