Thursday, June 18, 2009

Extra Income

DH gave me this link asiaparttime a while back and asked me to participate.

I gave the link a try and told him, its for selected bloggers. He told me "you know you can write...Easily can make RM30 in a day"

Later that day I drop the guy who posted the add an email.

At 2.30am in the morning, I checked my email (coz I totally forgot about it) and he replied asking me to review 2 websites and putting the review on my other blog (I guess coz it generates more traffic, without even me updating any post LOL)

I wrote 2 pieces (150 words each is really not a lot) and emailed him back with the link. He liked it and asked for my bank account to pay.

True enough by the end of the week I had RM30 extra which to DH is better than nothing he he he

There are also other part time jobs available there for those who would like to earn extra so why dont you head over to asiaparttime and try.

p/s FYI I did not get paid for doing this, I just think that sharing is caring :)

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