Wednesday, June 10, 2009

...cant believe that was me

DH came back from the OGA exhibition and mentioned that he met some an old classmate there. Apparently this guy use to chat with me on YM and I knew him in Myspace. Me, being too friendly sometimes can fire wrong signals. He thought I syiok kat dia...ha ha ha

That was dulu-dulu la...when I was single mingle, had afro curls highlighted lagi and worked for the fashion industry and pulled hair pins from sometimes braless models (yessss....)
Ya ampun - DH said if he had met me then, sah dia tak kawin with me...ha ha ha

...cant believe this is me

One thing I remembered about being single is betapa susah ya amatnya nak cari bilik. I pulak the type yang malas go to the place and survey survey dulu. DH rajin, he would even drive up to tempat yang dia aim nak dapat, go to the 7 eleven to look at the advertisement. Sometimes DH pi carik at the nearby bus stop...kutip those strips of paper and call.

As for me, I sangat malas and only bought The Star. Sangat pathetic kan? I remembered my room in Jalan Bangsar. Old shop house, bilik air pun macam zaman2 komunis. That was because rent was cheap and I malas nak carik lain.

Anyway, I've been asked to do a review on finding rooms to rent in malaysia. Agak2 siapa-siapa yang ada kenal sesiapa who wants rooms to rent, bolehla head to my other blog for more information kay? - Rooms to Rent in Malaysia


  1. ish u ni..mcm model gituwww..lawa la

  2. wah...lain sesangat!!
    tak caya...

  3. rOse, Lyana & dila~noor :
    Iye Iye je korang ni...