Sunday, May 24, 2009


20 May 2009

I carried her for nine months and finally she arrived.She gave a small whimper before they whisked her away to NICU. Sya had breathing problems when she arrived and I have never been so scared stiff of my life.

The next 4 days waiting for her to come home was agonizing and when she did...she smelt of heaven.

She's nine months now from the day she was born and I can't believe how time flies so fast that she has already marked her milestone on the 9th month.

No more small whimper from this one. She toots a really loud soprano horn when she wants to...and a shrieking ear piercing scream if I try to take a toy away from her. Thats my Sya.

9 months ago I saw clothes with the 9-12months tag on them (when someone gave them as a gift from overseas) and thought..gonna be sometime before she can wear these...and now 9 months later she's already worn them for a month now (people think she is 2 y.o!)

9 months is something big for me and in some way it makes me both sad and happy.

Reluctantly I packed her drool bibs, booties and rompers 2 months ago in zip lock bags. Also the "barut" that still had that baby smell on them...I wondered if they were going to be used again (maybe next year???? I can never be bored of having babies...LOL). I celebrated this as the passing of me having a NEW BORN. I now have a baby.

And when 9 months came...and she started to sit, crawl with ease and confidence, I celebrated the passing of her becoming more and more into a toddler. Sedey babe.

Now when she flips my recipe book with careful fingers (it had a hardcover..somehow she associates this as being a BOOK..coz my bapak's ASTRO VIEW is in shreds right go figure). When I go back home to KL, I have to admit, I will sadly need to pack her cloth books in those ziplock bags as well :(

Last 2 days she took her first step but has some difficulty in landing. She still needs to spread her feet out when she lands but she's already got the courage to lift one her feet with her hands sprawled out to balance so it will be a matter of weeks or even days before she starts walking on her own.

She's babbling. "Mama mamam" seems to be her word of the day everyday (she makes a great personal trainer coz she must have seen a lot me stuffing myself than doing anything else, so thats a constant reminder for me to stop snacking LOL) Suprisingly...OPAH was her first word besides MAMA.

But the best of all is that if any female members of the family wears a tudung, she will disregard everything around her and chase that family member down, scream at the top of her head if she has to...because she knows we only wear tudung to go out and going out is fun - other words...Sya loves to travel!

This second girl of mine has a lot of character. She is a fighter...determined and brave, spirited! - she did that for the first 4 not suprised she will continue to be one her whole life.

Below are some of my favorite snippets from 0 to 9. To all the other babies celebrating their milestones...have a BLESSED and great one!

Taken : 8:16PM 20 August 2008 (she was born at 3.45PM on same day)

1 month

2 Month - during her cukur jambul ceremony

3 Month - spotting a Harry Potter scar (she got creative after I took off the mitts)

3 Month and a half - first Eidul Fitri and traveling on the road from KL to Penang and back to Johor

4 Months - she has a great taste and sense in fashion

..and also a TASTE for food

5 Months - She learnt that mommy is a shutterbug

6 Months - her posses are so natural...

7 months - She traveled to Langkawi

8 Months - She learnt the joy of having a SAHM

9 Months - She loves books, singing, making cat sounds and a PRO infront of the camera

A'aesyah Marissa Izardy is such a big girl now...(my fav pic so far)


  1. happy celebrating 9th month!

    actually masuk blog ni pg ni nk tgk link yg nama2 anak dlm islam tuh..can u give me any idea where to find it..

    dulu ms blog ni bacground hitam mcm nmpka link kt tepi..heheh

    p/s:kalau tak msk blog ni pepagi ni pun memang sentiase je msk hari2 =)

  2. oh dear.. im so heart of the last pic. really like a big girl now.. so adorable.

  3. Lyana : this one comel with a temper ho!

    dila~noor : thanks for visiting :) belum sempat lagi nak upload those links. Will do soon.

    Rose : me toooooooo

  4. .:: Salam Kenalan... A'aesyah Marissa Izardy such an adorable baby... ::.

  5. Love this entry :)

    What came across is your total honesty and feelings for those beautiful moments you have with syasya. And yes, mmg tersangat cute.