Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oprah's What Can You Live Without Challenge, Are You Game?

Since I've got nothing else better to do (Ha Ha) and want to put some meaning into my life, I have decided to take the challenge but maybe with exceptions. (Coz I saw the show and there were exceptions)

The Ground Rules
1. Cut out all technology—no televisions, video games, cell phones, computers, MP3 players or anything else you may use on a daily basis.
2. No eating out. Everyone must eat dinner at home as a family and brown bag it for lunch.
3. Curb your spending! The only items you can buy are groceries, and try to buy what you need for the week for $125.
4. Plan an inexpensive, creative family outing. You may spend a small amount of money on this if necessary.
5. Choose one family activity that gives back to others.
6. Mom and Dad: Plan one date night so you can connect as a couple.
7. No working late.

For the moment :
I dont have ASTRO at home. What seemed to be a lazy chore of getting someone to put the dish up has left us with coming to 3 months worth of no cable. (we delayed the subscription payment until the dish is up - whats the point of paying when you dont have the dish up!)

I am limiting the time I spent on the computer. 3 hours max.

I'm already cooking at home, so "No eating out" should be a piece of cake

We spent RM120 yesterday at Carefour (I have a baby so her stuff is out of the question I guess) I try not to waste with the cooking (this means eating leftovers)

Ok...lets start, and see how things goes.

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