Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I love most about staying at home

Finally had time to brush up my photography skills again.

Baby Sya in turning out to be one heluv of model LOL

Here are my favourite works so far...

Let the photos do the talking eh?


  1. :)..puas hidup kalau dapat tgk kids happy mcm ni selalu kan..

  2. ow....cantik cantik..I lurve semua..especially no 7. Sya memang manis mukanya kalau tersenyum... rasa nak geget..

  3. Ida : oooh yes...

    undomesticwifey : memang selalu kena geget dgn i pun he he he

  4. no amount of money or material things could rival the joy you have in your heart right now, kan? blessed!

  5. omg.. omg..


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