Friday, April 17, 2009


These days I find myself sitting peacefully waiting for hubby to come home for lunch, muching on my fav traditional "jajan" Opak-Opak and sipping on some nice hot milo.

I am forever glad and feel blessed NOW that I do not have any screaming, shouting, cursing or even cynical and sarcastic clients (the cynical and sarcastic ones are the worst) lashing at me and asking me why has the previous week payments have not been credited, especially on a long weekend like last Easter.

On my last day, frankly all I wanted was to shout back but then I would be no better than those who think you can get anything by making a mockery out of yourself...especially if you are hiding behind a telephone. Note to self : be kind to ASTRO call centre REPS as I need to make a change of address (even if they keep screwing it up after 3 conservative calls :P)

However I do notice that as I am busy cleaning cobwebs, I have totally left my blog with them. I am still trying to arrange, stack, clean...these days I am suprised to find myself holding one of those static cloths in one hand and Mr Muscle on the other and find myself standing in the middle of my living room, pondering on what I was supposed to do. There is just SO MUCH on my list and there is so little time to do it. I pray this will be the last move and settle permanently in Subang until I grow old (but I doubt it...I have this funny feeling in my funny bone that it may not be as with the case of having an oil and gas engineer as a husband.

But however nicely I fit in to this new found so called freedom, I still have this urge that people closes to me accept my decision and do not see bad coming from it.

Recently I followed dear hubby to the North, making it possible to visit his eldest brother and in laws in other words. All I can say is, everyone is equally happy that I am no longer paying RM450 for someone to take care of baby sya, that hubby's workplace is 10 minutes away and that we dont have to wake my kids at 3am in the morning to send me instead to work. Hubby has breakfast at home and lunch except for Fridays (my day off I guess :P) so he can make it to Friday Prayers. Surprising today for example, as we had just arrived from Penang (we took of at 5am) I had my MIL's nasi lemak for lunch and tea (hubby had a site visit in west port, klang so lunch at home was out of the question). I am even more surprised that I am eating less because I am too tired and yet I do not sulk at night because I am tired I have to work tomorrow :P.

Baby Sya however has tested my patience. Coming to 8 months she is more aware now when I leave the room and throws a huge FIT in the cot perfectly using all the air her diaphragm can take which in turns because an ear piercing shriek in between sobs, so house chores need to be done around her schedule and not her working around my schedule. However, Annabel Karmel recipes for weaning has been very successful, we graduated chicken meat with flying colors and oats and prunes seemed to go down well with formula for a good nights sleep without anymore mid night feeds - THANK HEAVENS!!

We're doing chicken noodle soup tomorrow minus the celery and see if she loves pasta just like Aliya. She blabbering like a mak nenek now, her vocabulary however are narrowed down to "ateh" (maybe she's part Perakian like my youngest brother who grew up in Ipoh) and "dah!".

Below is just some snippets of Sya at 7 months...


  1. wah...sudah menjadi SAHM ya?? I am happy for you darl.. Still waiting the day for my turn :-)

  2. i still dnt knw waht to gv to my 7 motnhs baby. i just feed her nestum. those gold series + plum la.. prune la. and heinz. wanted to gv fruits puree.. but i dnt knw how to make it... so bad mummy.

  3. dah settle semua? i belum lagi..buat renovation yg sekangkang kera tu tak siap2..bila siap tak kemas so my husband paksa they all buat lain...leceh dan sakit hati!

    wah best la hidup u skrg, husband balik mkn tghari!! tak lagi la terkejar sana sini...aman hidup..

  4. undomesticwifey : that day will come will.

    Rose : Fruits puree are made from steamed fruits. More info can be found here dear

    Lyana : Mana ada settle nya. Slow-slow unpack and stack and stuff. Life must go on even if they are still in boxes..har har har

  5. Faye,
    Ade masuk.
    But I couldnt get it exactly the process/how to do it.
    Iv tried cooked the pumpkin. But she like reject it at first. Tried Heinz apple also.. dia mcm geli2 sebab masam.
    How abt the pear and others? Do i hv to rebus them as well and how long?
    Or mayb u can drop down ur email here.. or email me.. so i can ask u more. Tka banyak masa nk blogging and checking la.. haih...

  6. Faye,

    Good luck la..i ni pun tgh adjusting myself to the new 'career' at home..

    Hugs and kisses to the kids.

  7. Ida : I told my TL on sms recently "sorry lambat jawab maklum lah sejak jadi Menteri Hal Ehwal Dalam Rumah" LOL