Friday, April 10, 2009

The Handyman Cares

It felt good today not having that headset on my head and hear people grousing about their problems when I have 101 of mine. And today when at last I am free from the "headset" and could not take anymore of the pathetic site and condition of my washing machine because of the layout of the faucets in my new home (built in the late 70s I am not surprised) I just had to visit that nice chap who owns a hardware store in SS14 10 minutes walk from home.

Now, this shop was as old as my brother I think (29 going 30) but there is a lot of customer service you can learn from this guy that I am ashamed at myself somehow. (because I was PROPERLY trained in one and yet am not sure if he did)

1. Tip No 1 - Always welcome new members of your establishment ;)

The first visit came earlier last two weeks when I needed some new indoor washing lines. He took one good look at me and said "just moved here?" I smiled and said "Yes" and said I wanted some new washing lines.

2. Tip No 2 - Small talk or chat to build rapport.

Mr Handyman asked me if I was renting. I said my dad bought the house when I was five. He said, he bought the house when he was 25 "Nobody wanted to buy houses here right? All that forest behind there. I was so young then but look at me now...SO OLD." he said charmingly and we both burst into laughter.

3. Tip No 3 - Think outside the box.

Now the problem with the water hose of my washing machine was because of the connectors. The previous one was exhausted and broke. That's when the problem occurred. I had to manually use a garden hose to fill in water and had to wait which was not AUTOMATIC anymore now was it!?

When we moved into my father's house, a new problem arouse. The faucets was so far in the toilet. The problem was easily solved with another connector to the faucet but that was not the case. Now the washing machine water hose was not even 1 meter long (washing machine making companies should start thinking that not all customers have faucets that are near!)

During the first visit I had asked this mind boggling problem and Mr Handyman asked me to bring in the washing machine water hose as it was better for him to solve the problem.

Today I happily went there and Mr Handyman gave me a solution that never taught of. Previously we thought that by adding a connector to our garden hose would solve the problem.

Mr Handyman said, the hose will not withstand pressure. If there was someone at home, it would be ok, but what if we weren't? "I'm sure you want the machine to do the work for you even in your sleep" he said.

OMG Mr Handyman must have read the Vatican’s official newspaper, L”Osservatore Romano, who has published a long editorial saying that the washing machine did more to liberate women than the contraceptive Pill. LOL

He asked me if he could cut the hose, add a pressure resisting hose and connect to it straight. I hesitated for a while and said "you know best"

So he cut 2 inches off from the connector of my hose (RIP...sob sob)

And so the other connector to the machine was to be used

Place a long pvc connector inside and connected both the washing machine hose and the pressure resisting hose. He placed 2 secured rings that fitted both (I wouldn't have known the difference).

He then gave me another securing ring for the faucet and other end of the pressure resisting hose "I'll give you one that you can easily open if you want to".

"Now why didn't I think of that" I said and hurried home.

True to testament...Mr Handyman was my HERO for today....for once in 2 months I am able to sit back and relax and write this piece while the machine does its work for me :P

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  1. Faye,

    I have no patience for tube or hose fixing things like these.

    So glad that everything went well you with there. Kisses to the kids, ok.