Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ikan Bakar Cencaruku Membawa Dia Pulang

I noticed these days that DH tends to forget the simplest of things.

I cooked my usual chicken rice the other day and as if it was the first time he had it, he asked me where I got the recipe. Duh?

I cooked ikan bakar cencaru and sayur kacang buncis goreng with eggs yesterday and he said the same thing. Duh?

Its not the first time I cooked them. Certainly not the second. But DH approached them like it was the first.

He later told me yesterday that he was actually in Putrajaya for a site visit in the morning and his boss had offered to buy him lunch. Instead he said “I nak balik lunch sebab my wife masak”. I am TOTALLY suprised. Compared to my simple ikan bakar and sayur kacang buncis goreng with eggs , he could have had some uptown first class lunch with the boss.

Then I remembered what my mum used to said before, “air tangan isteri makes your husband remember home dan membawa suami pulang”.
I havent cooked as much as I did when I worked, infact I never had time to do many things for him. This was certainly a wake up call for me as DH seemed more calmer than usual, takde la nak fire-fire kat I tak tentu pasal macam dulu – maybe stressed from work at the office, mengadap traffic jam and balik pulak kena beli makan kat luar for us (those days I only cook during the weekends or when I am on leave)
Would it have changed if I had the maid? I dont think so, I would still cook...kalau maid yang buat semua takut dia ingat kat maid aje! My mom had a few helpers in her time but she did most of the cooking.

Talking about Chicken Rice, I thought it would be nice to share my chicken rice sambal recipe.

Here goes...
Cili merah (6 biji)
Bawang putih (3 ulas)
Halia tua (1 inci)
Air rebusan ayam (1/2 cawan)
Minyak bijan (1 sudu kecil)
Air dari perahan satu biji lemon
Gula (2 sudu kecil)
Garam (secukup rasa)
Semua bahan2 di atas diblend sampai hancur. If you have microwave, put in for about 2minutes. If not cook over slow fire until boil.

And talking about boss...kat rumah ni pun ada sorang lagi "boss" I have to attend to.

"Don't Mess With Me..."

Weather so hot these days...pagi ni kena let her bottom breathe sikit...tu yang seksi sangat ni He He He. Baby loves Farleys Orange.

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