Saturday, January 03, 2009

Who wants to ride the horsy?...a REAL one

I rode my first horse when I was about 4 or 5 I cant remember. But I do remember the wonderful feeling of being on a majestic but graceful horse.

And during our stay in the UK when I was 8, I had a best fren who loved horses & had horses *envy* I remember her name was Vanessa Wells. Just like me, geeky but not specky (who said geeks had to be specky rite?).

*I'm the geeky asian kid in the middle with long hair and Vanessa is on my right.

I frequent Taman Tasik Titiwangsa because of the DBKL Horse Unit that rides there. Again I fell in love...

So when we stumble upon the horse ride during one of those trips, I promised Aliya to let her go on one of the rides they had. They were damn cheap wey! RM1.50 for a horse ride & RM0.50 for a horse carriage ride is far more better and educational than any theme park ride EVER!

But as excited as I was....I was a bit horrified when they let her hold the reins. Knowing Aliya who is adventurous with a capital A, she performed like a pro.

Worth me getting a sunburn on my face as well LOL!

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  1. Dear Queen Mother

    Wow, you can ride and Aliya will soon be like you. I am not sure I am brave enuf to do that. Well done.

    ps: You have a cute blog here.