Friday, January 02, 2009

A Very Expensive Tub...But Worth It

I was a bit sceptical when I first saw the Sure Comfort Deluxe. DH said, I must have gone bong-kus to have purchased a RM89.90 plastic tub at SOGO KL. "OK. This better be one HELUV A GOOD tub"

You see, with Sya we could splurge a bit coz our economics were good.

I fell in luv with the pink tub the minute I saw it - was not becoz it was a sweet pastel PINK but because of the features I noticed.

The tub is divided into 2. One side is for new born, another is for toddlers. Its not deep (which is so horried) like some tubs available from here.

Secondly, I wanted Sya to have a great place for a variety of sensations and physical play. Under Piaget's theory regarding cognitive development, during infancy, in the first stage of cognitive development, children learn through their senses and physical exploration of the environment.

At the same time I wanted security, comfort and convenience especially since I have a "bad" back.

What I love about this tub after using it is :

- deep ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing,
- the mildew-resistant pads make for a cleaner bath
- a special drain plug changes color to alert parents if the water is too hot for baby.

This is for from newborn to toddler, bathtime which seemed to be a nightmare on my mind when I got pregnant again, became one of my and Sya's looked forward time together - I think the photos prove this ;)

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