Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tipah Tertipu....LAGIK

Today I am at home sebab Sya demam sikit. Biasalah bila da kena jab mesti temp ada sikit. While she was sleeping, I surfed around and suddenly this pop up :

WTF !!

Tipah jgn tetipu. This is what we called ROUGE. Dia very very the penyamaran kata antis/w apa segala. BUT ITS NOT. Its a malware.

Nasib baik dulu ada download - remove-ms-antispyware-2009 from

Bila PC da kena quarantine ni hah yang kuar :

hambek kao. ...

Bilamasa pulak ada mala-own turn automatic updates PC ni. I jadi suspious sikit. Maybe masa tengah surfing2 ni I tertipu dan terklik (biasalah, kalau kita pandai ada orang lagi pandai dari kita kan?)

So maybe masa tu I terkena viros or as commonly known as MALWARE (tidak ada kena mengena dengan Mawi ye).

I remembered reading about malware once that
"they may track your Web surfing habits across many different websites without informing you, and then use this data to customize the advertisements you see on websites, etc.," - Defining Malware: FAQ

Make sense la...coz there are some mommies out there as well yg dok umah tak buat apa and let iklan on their website generate kan macam tu? This is my favourite, read her story, its so cool -

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