Monday, January 05, 2009

What to eat....

Today I had to be a S.A.H Mom again. Since DH tau memang akan tak ada masa untuk masak he bought for me something to ease my tummy during lunch.

Me being me during times at home when DH is not here, first there was this:

Then there was this:

Oh and lets not forget what DH had bought for me this morning:

Put two and two together, voila! :

So sedap ke?
Tengok sendrik and be your own judge


  1. hello yuuu..

    sedap sangat tgk baby food at you another blog..tapi apsal tak bleh komen kat situ ya??

    you baby is, *tgh kira* 4 months, dah start solid food ya?

    mine is almost 6 months, tapi tengah tercari cari nak bagi apa. i think your babyfood blog rocks!!

    boleh la buat buku macam annabel karmel soon...hihihi

  2. Hi undomesticwifey

    Sorry, lupa nak godam settings comments there...should be ok now. My husband said I should post them coz sharing is caring right? Thanks for popping in and do come back again!