Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dah Tua-Tua Kubur Kata Mari Masih Mencuri Juga Ke?

Kisah terjadi kepada one of our neighbourhood peps- Mr S. Kesian jugalah. Yang 'kurang hasam'nya boleh pulak tu ambik dan selamba je guna duit wife Mr S ni untuk bayar barang yang dah dia beli kat Carrefour tu.

Ishk...kut la kan makin tua makin beradab. Tak taulah nak cakap pe!

This is what Mr S said :

On Saturday morning (about 10.10am) my wife dropped her purse inside Carrefour Puchong Utama while working part-time. She only realized it half an hour later while going through the security check. Upon checking the CCTV recording, it showed an elderly man pickup her purse (on the floor behind her) while she was doing her work. The elderly man just pickup and put into his recycle bag and pretend nothing happen when my wife turn around to talk to him.  Later at the cashier counter, his (the elderly man) wife, paid for the grocery using money from my wife’s purse!

To-date, the purse is yet to be found.  Checking with Carrefour customer service counter – answer negative. What more important to us is the documents – IC, driving license, ATM and ect…

Police report has been made.  Attached is the screenshot of the couple coming into Carrefour carrying a red recycle beg.

Hoping someone good Samaritan will return the documents.

Kalau jadi kat korang ape korang buat????

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  1. oowhh.. terlampau la.. org tua pun x dak rasa tgjwb.. paling benci bila yg tua tu si apek asa...