Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So many things...so little space to do them.

Semalam my friend sent me this event because she said that I might be interested since I have the "talent"
OMG...thanks so much - siapalah saya, no proper formal photography training pun dan sebuah camera gajah yang gears pun dah kaput haih... (but I survive.....huhuhu bukan untuk cari makan pun, untuk suka-suka je)

But taking photos of a blogger is the pinnacle of the blogger's survival no?
Hurmm....not really kan? Ben Ashari boleh wujud dan masih ramai yang baca blog dia walaupun tak de gambar mantop-mantop.

But if you have a food blog (make that 2 food blog) of course you kena amek gambar mantop-mantop untuk persuade people to try your recipe hihihi

So this Sony NEX workshop memang really really cam best je untuk bloggers kan? But I hate to be my own party popper and remind myself the last Blackberry Playbook  by Nuffnang pun my husband je yang dapat pergi (when asked if Mimi could tag along...the answer was "not sesuai" ~ sebab there will be games and all so susah untuk I nanti)

Haih...Mimi kan masih anggap I ni kilang produksi susu dia so...as long as I am still BFing her....maaflah, tak dapek join.

Sob Sob Sob.

But just in case uols are interested, do drop by here - bloggers only :
ALPHA NEX Blogging Challenge 15 October 2011

in the mean time...back to serving Her Royal Tigress huhuhu

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