Sunday, October 09, 2011

LRT KLJ Line Extension Project - Road Closure for Execution of Station 6 (SS14/SS18)

It seems that YB Hannah Yeoh together with MPSJ, and Prasarana held a Press Conference on Monday 03/10/2011 at SS18/6 to inform Residents of Preliminary construction work for LRT Station 6 & guideway at the end of Jalan Jengka portion (near to Kesas), what is better known as Preliminary Test Piles (PTPs)

The starting date of the closure of part of SS18/6 is Monday 10/10/2011 and works will be completed on Saturday 10/12/2011 (total 62 days).

Seven stations to be constructed namely :

Station 1 – located at Lembah Subang,

Station 2 – located at Lembah Subang,

Station 3 – located nearby Kelana Centre Point,

Station 4 – KTMB Subang Jaya,

Station 5 – SS15/SS17,

Station 6 – SS14/SS18; and

Station 7 – USJ6/USJ7.

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First road closure will be at Jalan SS 18/6 in between Jalan SS 18/4f to Jalan SS 18/4g for PTP at Station 6. Starting date is 05th October 2011 until expected completion of PTP on 07th December 2011 (duration : 62 days). Please refer to the layout of the road closure behind.

The next road closure for guideway PTPs (PTP 9 & PTP 10) will be at the end of Jalan Jengka near KESAS Highway an junction of Jalan SS 14/7g & Jalan SS 18/1a. Starting date shall be notified accordingly in advance prior to execution of preliminary works. Kindly refer to the layout of the road closure layout attached.

Resident are to look out and follow the temporary Traffic signage and Banners at the mentioned area.

I have been made to understand that such works will be carried out in stages for all 7 proposed stations. Work at Station 7 at USJ6/USJ7 will commence in December 2011.

Well..bertambah congested ler area tempat tinggal saya ni...hurmmm....

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