Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your child will live a life ten years younger...

say that I deprive my children of the luxury of food. They have never tasted a red velvet cake (I doubt they will like it or not), McDonalds is a 1x a month (sometimes none), there are no cordials, Ribena or Milo (well, not on a regular basis) and I start my day by boiling FILTERED water so that they cool off by the time my kids have them. We dont have ice cubes in the fridge and milk is always plain. I "bising" when my husband buys sausages, nuggets and burgers - my children's idea of IKEA Meatballs are the ones I make at home.

As a mother I have been overweight since I was in secondary school. My mother has high blood pressure and my brother had high blood before he reached 25. My college mate died at my age (during the first week of Ramadhan) He developed diabetes and highblood at the age of 16.

Even if my eldest asks for Kit Kat once in a while, she shares them with me. Her reason - "a bit is enough to taste I do not want to be obese"


I'm a 35 year old mother whom (like Jamie Oliver)

"I've worked fairly tirelessly to save lives in my own way.
I'm not a doctor.
I'm a chef;
I don't have expensive equipment or medicine.
I use information, education.
I profoundly believe that the power of food has a primal place in our homes that binds us to the best bits of life."

I've been an advocate of homecooked food since I gave birth to A'aesyah, 
I actively support homemade babyfood (my online diary is here and the support group is here)
trying to correct what I have done wrong with Aliya and learning to serve and be better role models to A'amelia (I had Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant with her so she has a 50/50 chance of developing it later in life)

and  so far yes my kids eat Broccoli, Fresh Tomatoes, Fruits,
french baked sweet potatoes instead of french fries
and every morning I tell my husband
"please buy mustard greens..."

*mustard greens = sawi

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  1. ems..betui2...aku pun kalo blh x junkfood nie hubby selalu kasi fail misi aku jadi lebih sihat..:(