Friday, July 08, 2011

Am back. You happy now?

...ha ha ha
I'm back to doing what I love doing best.

Now that Mimi dah start makan, barulah best sikit nak bercerita kan?
Not that my life ni tak exciting as it is. Oooooo sangat exciting lately ni :)

I'm not crazy like that with Mimi when it comes to taking photos - not like masa Syasya but Mimi is getting good at focusing without being distracted too much which is good.

And a comeback...isn't a comeback kalau tak blog revamp kan?
Alaaaaaah satu satu ler...

But here are the girls' latest. Liya just turned 11, Syasya will be 3 in 1 and a half month's time and Mimi will be 7 months come the 17th


  1. masing2 muka lain2.tapi rasanya mcm si kenit tomel2 tu looks very much like u. betul x?

  2. ambik gambo lain angle sikit dah orang kata cam daddy dia