Friday, April 22, 2011

IHyppTV Bloggers' Party - Yo I deserved an RSVP!

My kids know all the shows on CBeebies by heart on HyppTV (130)
Since we had Unifi installed last year before hari raya (and uninstalled the other cable channel) its CBeebies from 8am to 6pm in my house.

I love CBeebies for its Numberjacks. My daughter Syasya has been able to count from 1 to 10 now thanks to Numberjacks.

She also loves Lola from Charlie and Lola. She even tries to immitate Lola when she reads a book.
This is Syasya:

And this is Lola :

With In the Night Garden, Teletubbies,  Mama Mirabelle, Tweenies - you cant go wrong when your kids watch CBeebies on Hypptv.

In fact, I know can tell the time just by looking at what show is on 130

Now that Unifi has opened up all the channels for free viewing I am also beginning to enjoy Masterchef Australia/UK on 140. Chef James Martin from Leeds is my current favourite now (sorry Jamie Oliver)

Infact I love how they have added 6 new premium channels for UNIFI subscribers - especially Syfy & Universal and you can watch Universal (163) and Fox Crime (164) in HD!! 

I get my daily dose of laughter every Thursday at 9.30pm from the spicy cast of 'Outsourced' only on Universal Channel HD on Hypp.TV

I have even "converted" my GLEE fan husband to an Outsourced fan now hehehe

See the good thing about having hypptv is our family is in control of WHAT we want to see. My husband is not a football fan so there is no need to subscribe to MUTV. For Cbeebies for example we only pay RM6 extra ontop of RM140++ which is our phone and internet bill - no separate bills for all cabel(if u can call it cabel)

Some of the series are made available to us 24hours after its US release, one of which is CSI.

There are also On Demand Channels that allows you to watch as when you free and not have to stay up at 2am just to be able to catch second show of that movie you have missed

There are also interactive stuff on Hypptv such as Waktu Solat which was good to use during ramadhan.

The best part about our Hypptv? - come rain or shine there are NO DISTRUPTIONS PERIOD

So dont you think I would be the best person to promote and celebrate HyppTV Comes Alive! Celebrating UniFi’s 1st Anniversary with 60,000 Hypp Subs - exclusive bloggers’ party???

Coz for the moment now I dont know any other cable channel I would agree to, to have my little Syasya watch except for CBeebies and CBeebies is HEAVEN SENT!
Besides I've been a customer since somewhere in August last year - my account and free promotion all this while must account for something???

He He He

I might come as the muslimah and female version of Sylvester Stallone Rocky Balboa - ok tak? ha ha ha

"I wanna kiss ya-ya don't have to kiss me back if ya don't feel like it" 
Rocky 1976

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