Friday, March 18, 2011

The One Where Amel Turns 3 M.O

My soft spoken Amel turns 3 Months Old. 
Hip Hip Horeey

She is a whooping 5.043kg last weight on the 11 March 2010. 
Dont really care much for how "long" or "tall" she is. 
My concern for this "chicken little" 3rd kid of mine 
was that she would eventually 
lose those hideous chicken feet of hers and she DID!

Yes. My little female nippongo Crayon Shin-chan has been packing in the pounds exclusively by feeding only on Moi's 2 twins *wink*

I dont even feed her a drop of plain water 
(as per lactation expert's advice) 
So for a first timer in the BF department 
I am truly and utterly amazed!
Especially since I am eating like Godzilla and yet Amel thinks...

 "OOoooh Mommy...looks like you've lost a lot of weight from this angle eh?"

 well...I dunno - maybe a little :P

Mimi as I somehow fondly call her sometimes, tends to be not only soft spoken (or crying more like it)

..seem to hate loud noises a.k.a her sister's 
mad CAVEwoman wailing :P

 "God what is that ear piercing SCREAMING!??"

But its been very easy to take care of Amel.
She sleeps well.
Plays on her own.
Has her "feeds" like she's stuck to a schedule.
And yes...she sucks her thumb...

..only when a pacifier is not to be found :D

She just aced her MCUG scan last Friday 
with everything normal on her Ultrasound,
I am hoping for the best these coming few weeks
when the Peds give her the all clear.

Besides...tell me who is not smitten by this cute little kitten :D

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