Thursday, March 17, 2011

The One About Privatizing One's Facebook

I choose my birthday to privatize my facebook a.k.a deactivate one and use another.
Facebook and thousands of facebook friends was getting so boring I only wanted certain things about me to be known and others parts of me to be a huge big secret.

For one, I only wanted certain people to be around with and not someone who would say hi and then bye in an interval span of 20,000 years.

I also only wanted people in my social network game platform whom I could remember their names off the top of my head - yeay, I've been playing so long I can do that.

Its tiring but it's worth it. Now I can write to my heart's content and freedom without anyone judging me from what I write and take it their personal mission to make sure I suffer for what I write.

there...**legs placed on writing table**

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