Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 2 Month Old Amel

My very "sopan" third in line Amel is 2 today.

2 Month that is :)

She is like I said extremely "sopan" - even when she cries dia sangat sopan. I never noticed this until I went to a family function and there was another baby. The decibels were ultimately apparently different ya! With Amel being the most lowest - sopan la tu hehe

Now that she is 2 month old I kinda know why out of spur of the moment I named her A'amelia. She can be trusted definitely. She not that much of a fussy baby and can be trusted when I need a little "me" time or extra time to do the house chores.

But Amel is a mommy's gal in every sense. Tidur mahu natural pacifier that I cringe on other mommies who have the same deal and need to go out of town on business. Kesian mereka.

I also trust that Amel will be the one to soothe my heart - yang akan hiburkan hati mak dia when I am old and fray. The one yang "Ma, Amel beli handbag baru untuk Mama" or "Mama jom kita makan kat Chillies Amel belanja". Syasya is daddy's girl so I dont hope much. Aliya mungkin time tu dah busy dgn family dia sendiri, who knows...

Amel and her kesopanan - she will have a very very soft heart when she grows up...I can bet on that.

Its what I see in my brother and my cousins - mesti ada satu yang rajin bawak mak dia berjalan, belanja mak dia macam, And at the same time I feel sad sebab teringat one of my arwah aunt. She was kinda neglected by her own husband and coz she was the 2nd wife, she didnt really get the kinda treatment a wife should. Tapi I puas hati her kids gave her all they can give and all she did not receive. Dia seolah macam diperhambakan but I am sure she is in a much much happier place right now disebabkan kesabarannya.

I can dream right? That giving up on certain things, my daughters will cherish me in the future Insya Allah...


  1. 2 months already??!! so fast! how's her sleeping pattern? dah bleh enjoy tdo malam ke? *jeles*
    p/s dat's ur eyes on her.. uhuh... confirm! ♥

  2. so sweet u dah start berangan this n that with amel.
    i pun nak start berangan la... tak lama lagi adib pun nak masuk 2mths dah.haha

  3. harap2 anak2 kita akan membahagiakan kita ya kak farah :)

  4. salam
    kak farah,fb kak farah dah ilang ka?

  5. comelnya...

    camana dgn penyakit diabetes tu... sudah berlalu @ masih ada??