Saturday, May 29, 2010

We are not BEGGARS because we have a choice

A few weeks back I sent a complaint to Bata Malaysia via their website and facebook page.

This was what I wrote:
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Early this year I bought 2 canvas school shoes B.First from Bata for my kid.
The quality is so bad it is so APPAULING. The first time I washed it, I was
so upset, as the canvas turned yellowish. Even when we washed the shoes
somewhere else (thinking it was the water) its the same. Its not even middle
of the year the rubber seams by the sides have gave way and showing a
brownish inner sole that might be the cause. We bought diff canvas shoe from
a diff company instead and had NO PROBLEM. SO BATA, We feel very cheated!!
Just because its RM20 each you dont have to LOWER your quality up to the
extend its like laughing at your customer in the face. We've always bought
BATA and never experienced anything like this. Its because we trusted your
brand thats why we are very very upset and disappointed.

Look at how UGLY they were ~ even after putting KAPOR ok

Later on I received an email from the canvas manager thanking us for sharing with them on the school shoe quality. After reading through my complaints they admit no doubt it is their canvas quality problem.

They actually knew this problem since the day 1 the shoe came in from China last year. There is even one batch which came in that are inferior which they are not aware until they receive complaint from customer.

So the remedy was set for us to exchange those spoilt pair in exchange for a new one. If we choose a different design, we would have to pay less of what it cost after reducing it with the defunct pair of shoes. I told Sam that only the week after I would have time to pick and choose and head to BATA Carefour, so he agreed and made the necessary arrangements with the Branch Manager.

So today, off we went to Carefour Subang Jaya after our melalaks session in Red Box at Sunway. We were greeted by obviously a semi menopausal sales lady in her late 30s. I was a bit cheesed off. Like I mentioned its not like we are beggars because we DO HAVE a choice. I did not even stressed I wanted the shoes to be replace in the complaint either. They offered me a choice, so I took it.

And after Sam's explanation I seriously wanted to slap those shoes in her face and said, hey ~ we didnt buy the canvas to begin with!

But because Sam handled my complaint in the first place effectively, I totally ignored that semi menopausal biach, took the design Liya was comfortable with and head to Carefour to get my milk :P

We werent that HARD UP ~ paid for a better design even!

Besides, she claims she's just a tempt helping out ~ so that would be under the branch manager's shoulders and has nothing to do with Sam. However though, give Sam from Bata Malaysia a big "good on ya" ~ coz

"A little patience and a soft-spoken demeanor can go a long way when it comes to effectively handling customer complaints" - eHow

If not, tomorrow in Harian Metro, you'll find a headline that says "SAHM slaps BATA sales person with defaulted school shoe"

Two Brand New Designs Home At Last


  1. asal trok sgt quality BATA skrg? Dulu the whole family I pakai BATA bertahun2 okay jek.. hurm~ takkan la smpai nk pkai kasut skolah Adidas or nike kot.. sabar je la..

  2. salam. hai babe..
    sad to hear la. nasib baik ade some manner dr en SAM tu. kalau tak puan SAHM lak yg bagi penampar doraemon kat sales person tu ye...

    anyway.. mmg kita tak hard up pun kan. tp tak tau la bata lately ni suka bual sale kat kilang dia.. tp mmg ade yg teruk2 dah pown..

    next time kalau i kene cam u gak.. i pu kene gak jumpa or call en SAM tu.

  3. Zulaikha : Thanks for stopping by :)
    Entahler. Semua nak cut cost, ni le jadinye

    Rose : Hey lama tak dengar berita!
    I'll be glad to give you his number dear!