Thursday, May 20, 2010

Age Appropriate Opportunities

As talented as they may be at the age of 8 or 9, there seems to be something a bit "disturbing" in this video.

I think the red midriff-baring tops and hot pants and sensual moves are somehow too overwhelming that I cant really see beyond it. Except for they remind me of Dita Von Teese

At this point I am lucky I have a 10 y.o who thinks not only twice but zillion of times before she wears anything as skimpy as that. Not because we are muslims, but because as a mom I am the one who determines that my girls get age appropriate opportunities that is not too suggestive.

At which point I am utterly relieved if #3 is a boy (although another girl is always welcomed ~ just means mom needs to buckle up extra tighter)

~ see what the parents have to say about this here


  1. hurm... apa yg disturbing tu yah? pakaian?

  2. oh sis!!this will only increase the number of pedophilian instead!!

    kesian budak2 ni...