Friday, December 18, 2009

New Year's Blessing

I guess I would like to start the New Islamic Year with a very very happy note.
After an agonizing wait, we received transcripts that would allow Aliya to move to Subang Jaya and start schooling here.

Why I make this a big deal ? is because of the hurdles we faced initially upon arriving at the PPD Office.

It was a huge crowd. I think there were like 30 people ahead of us before we were called.

We had brought along 15 month old Syasya which was a handful.

DH couldn't believe what got into him to bring the laptop along, so we took turns carrying it.

Then there were the scenarios we faced :

I met a young mother with a 3 month old kid and maid in tow. She told me it was her 3rd time there. The time she came to get the results they told her they had lost a copy of her IC and that the department could not process her application without it. She was able to process the application the 3rd time but lost the space to the school she had wanted her children to attend (schools only allocate a certain number of space for new students). She had bought the books she had wanted her child to attend (which was nearer to home) but now has to fork out extra money to buy a new set of books for a different school the dept has allocated for her child *sigh*

A mom with a teenage son approached the counter and asked if the application could be processed there. A clerk pointed out that she had to have the documents checked at another office. The mother was clearly pissed off as she raised her voice and said that she has been thrown back and forth the office and another without any results. I clearly heard her say "I am fed up at your people who dont even know your own b*oodly process!" Seconds after that she stomped out of the office *sigh*

A chinese mother came with her adult daughter to pick up the results of their transfer. It turned out to be she lived in Puchong while the son is sent to Shah Alam. This is their 2nd year trying *gosh*

A man came and asked the procedures and documents needed. I froze when I heard "valid copy". I had original copies so although I was prepared I was still a nervous wreck *sigh* have to have a little trust in Allah SWT. Why?

A week before I called and a nice gentleman picked up the receiver and in DETAIL gave me what documents were needed. The lady in scenario #1 above said when she asked for a phone number, she was bluntly replied "you can take our number but no one will pick up the phone" *gosh!*

The clerk behind the counter said that those picking up results did not need to take numbers. So our wait was reduced by 10 people ahead of us. A lady approached me and asked what my number was and gladly gave hers which was 3 numbers ahead of us. She was there to just pick the results and was on her way home :)

Alhamdulillah, the Blessings of Allah SWT. Aliya the A student (except for maths which is B *sigh*) will be amongst straight A students now. It will be hard work for both myself as well...but I am sure with better facilities and closer to MOM...she will be a happy camper.

And my advice to parents transferring their kids : its a jungle out there & only the fittest survive but never forget Allah SWT for you might never know what blessings awaits you in those dire moments :)

Happy New Hijrah Year Everyone

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