Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dont blame me if they become supermodels...

I initially bought a camera to capture "frozen moments" that will last for ever - especially when it comes to my kids. During the course of this pursuit, I found out other "interesting" stuff....

I found out that my dad is also a shutterbug *smug* Abah I love you :)

photo of my uncle & of me my dad took
but it seems now, my kids are becoming more and more natural posers *another smug*

so why the smug you ask?

as a female amateur photographer I know often enough we are always put down for our choices, our shoots and our creativity.

To me...
creativity knows no gender...
or camera :)

p/s these were taken by my cikai mobile phone 


  1. im also considering buying a camera like yours sbb mine focus dah rosak and yusuf's dah hilang...

  2. my sentiments exactly. i know some self-proclaimed 'professional' photographers who think they're photographers just coz they have high-end cameras. amik gambar tak cantik gak. setakat tau the technical part boleh lah, but execution, not so good. it's not about the gears, or knowledge, photography is about the eye. but then again all is subjective.

    i've written a similar post like this before : http://stillfindingmyangles.blogspot.com/2009/05/kalau-ada-dslr-gambar-sure-cun-myth.html

  3. Faye,

    Nowadays, i 've enjoying your photography dulu than only your writings hi hi, sebab tu i seldom leave my foot step here, u really have it la babe.

    I dok terliuq nak beli SLR but En Kanda dok kata u blajaq guna dulu, logik ka, abis kalau takdak bendanya aku nak blajaq pakai menatang pa?? Keep up the gud work dear