Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kemang Indah Resort

...yg tak indah pun. But since my Bapak had backdated nights from 2007, might as well habiskan.

It was on Bapak's siapalah I untuk complain kalau orang suruh ikut..kita ikut je la kan???

BUT! Unfairla..I mean dulu back in the 90s when my Bapak join, everything was well maintained..apa dah jadi sekarang???

Another one of LH's resort yang dok kat kwsn Jin Bertendang! Signboard pun tak maintain, apatah lagi the resort kan???

From the sign board pun orang dah agak camne rupe

This time around memang bad timing. Macam tau tau je I am not going to enjoy the trip at all.
  • Petang sebelum bertolak I had very very bad ear infection - something I inherited from my mother and becoz I was a swimmer before in school.
  • I didnt have any mood to take photos of the trip - the pain became worst on the first day of arrival. These were only some of what I took when I was feeling ok
Photos of the kids at R&R Nilai

PD...dah berpuluh tahun tak pergi

  • Petang first day tu sampai je I dah hangin satu badan. Our room was on level 3 but there are no elevators. My mom also hangin satu badan. Mana taknya, dia da tak berapa kuat nak panjat tangga. 60 steps my dad counted. Bayangkan la camne we all angkat segala beg dan suitcase...anak, bakul makanan ke atas.
  • Paling I sakit hati, petang on the second day our apartment fius boleh BLOW. Takde aircond for 1 hour. Then, when we came back from dinner, pak guard resort kata dari kol 8pm letrik tak ada. There were no candles provided at the apartment. Pak Guard huluq lilin yang amat ciput. My dad had to drive back to town (20 minits away) to buy lilin. Ada ke patut? We only had power suply from 11.00pm onwards...ce bayangkan! Gelap! Panas! for nearly 3 hours ooo...with a baby...imagine la.

  • There was also a kandang kambing which we can see from our kitchen. So when the wind blew...bayangkan lah baunya yang meresap masuk ke kitchen
  • Ok...the sand and the beach is SANGATS SANGATS jauh dari tempat ini jin bertendang.

    My kids spend most of the time at the pool...sebab ada slide...kira ok la gak.

So far this is the worst la from the lot and we are not the only ones who think so -
More photos here from another blogger
my mom said genting was the worst - others think so too, read here
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I think LS should buckle up!

Now I need a holiday....from another holiday...haiya

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