Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daddy's Dearest Contest by Isabelle...frankly

Another contest folks and this time, its for Daddy and Daddy's dearest.

Daddy's Dearest Contest

As usual, there are steps to follow :

Step 1
Making sure FIRST that you have a blogroll or bloglist add Isabelle...frankly in it and become her ardent fan a.k.a follower he he he

Step 2
Blog about it either in Bahasa or English whichever you feel comfortable and put up the Daddy's Dearest banner (above) - the one you see at the beginning of this posting.

Step 3
You need to find a creative/dramatic photo of father with son/daughter and tells us its uniqueness

Step 4
Link back to Isabelle...frankly's blog and the contest in your posting
The blog -
The contest -

Step 5
Of course to leave an comment with the link at the contest page at Isabelle...frankly

Isabelle says:
*The prize would be something special for the moms (as I believe only moms will spend time to do this...hahaha*

Terms and conditions

* This contest is only opened to Malaysian bloggers only.
* The contest starts on 1st June 2009 and ends on 19th June 2009.
* You must put the required links in your entry. Else, it will be disqualified without notice.
* Winners will be selected based on the most creative pix that resemble daddy-child closeness.
* Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
* Winners will be announced in this blog and will also be contacted via email.

As usual, I'm always late at joining this but better late than never LOL

The story behind this photo is that Sya was only about 4 months old and I'm still a bit scared of cutting her finger nails. She is known to make Harry Potter Scars (as I call them) scratch marks on her face and she did an intensifying one for this time around.

Initially Sya was crying and DH came to the rescue...which is always the case when she cries.

This has always been my favourite photo of those moment, just the right timing...why?

...look at where her hand is...hasn't it got "I love you Daddy...thank you for making it better" written all over it??

This was really spur of the moment and I had just gotten my Sony Alpha DSLR and was toying around with it. But I managed to capture this moment which is frozen in time - that the dramatic and creative beauty of this.

He he he

...makes me wanna wish my Dad a Happy Father's Day everyday...

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