Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mother's Day Ideas - Hearty Breakfast

If you ask me what I will some of the fortunes leave for my daughters when I am gone - a whole big bookcase of recipe books.

My own mother has passed down to me some going back to publications before I was born. However I have 2 daughters. Only Liya at the moment is showing some interest in cooking.

Last month I came across an Annabel Karmel Cookbook. Cost me a wooping RM28 but I've spend more that RM300 in a day for books, what's RM28 for the stuff I'm about to learn to cook from the book.

One of my favourite page is "Mom's the Word" section. The one that caught my eye was the heart shaped sunny side up in a toast. This was also the reason I hunted for a heart shape cookie cutter.

So, for trial I tried to make one today, a hearty breakfast to start my morning. I also baked some Tater Tots (mini harshbrowns) - I used Tater Towers from Simplot. I had them for the sides with some baked beans.

Personally I think this would not only be great for a mother's day breakfast but for picky eaters and a surprised birthday breakfast or anniversary as well.


  1. oh la laa.... so luvly suny side up with luv.. er.. where can i get the luv shape yeah? lupa la u mentioned d other day. carefour.. tesco.. which section?
    i adore u.. coz.. i suka org yg suka masak. although i ni tau makan je.. he3.. i wish my kids and hubby enjoy my cooking. unfortunately.. i tak tere la.. sumtimes so sad tgk anak dna suami makan makanan luar.
    i also agreed when u said.. air tangan isteri bawa suami pulang ke rumah. i totally agreed.
    hope in my new hse nanti i lebih rajin masak. tp masalahnya bila dh bekerja.. penat.. tak dan nk masak...