Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Way Thru a Hubby's Heart is Tru His Stomach

DH celebrated his 30th Birthday yesterday.

We didnt have time to get a cake and all since we were going around town to get stuff done.
DH susah nak dapat cuti this time of the year and bercuti on your birthday was a good excuse to get leave.

Since he was willing to sacrifice his lunch today to take me to the bank due to an ATM park-up, I decided to suprise him with a little something.

It was also a good chance for me to try the new cooking toy bought from Carefour (3 size heart shape cookie cutter).

At least he can have his lunch while waiting for me...a wife's gotta do what a wife should do no?

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  1. mak aih..rajinnye u, faye..very creative la..Happy Bday to DH..semoga panjang umoq murah rezeki..

  2. this is soooo sweeetttt...i tiru nnt k :D...btw, line oren tu u guna apa ye? jgn kata guna marker pen lak haha

    anyway, happy bday to ur DH, murah rezeki dan pnjg umur :D

  3. Ida : Ni rajin bertempat nih...thanks for the wish

    Lyana : Tiru je...cookie cutter beli kat Carefour. Line oren tu sos cili lingam. I dipped some lidi satay (yg belum guna ok...) in some sos cili and did the lining...DH suka sos cili lingam dan coz dia cair sikit takleh masuk piping beg daaaa

  4. I don't mind being married to you.. hahahaha ..Sangat gay bunyinya kan??

    Kem salam your OH. Semoga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki!!

  5. undomesticwifey : babe...terima kasih banyak2...sangat gay ke? LOL