Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Mum the TEACHER

I never took note of how old my mom was until we attended a wedding last Sunday.

The wedding invitation actually came from my father's work collegue as well as best friend when he was the HEP for Politeknik Ungku Omar Ipoh.

The bride was my mother's ex student - in primary 6. Sometimes I envy my mother for having good looks and not a day old...she still looks as if she's in the late 40s (she's in her mids 60 actually)

It must be something to do with having a good heart and mind. She never talks bad about people, follows strictly her prayers and duties as a muslim.

But in secret, she is of Royal Blood. My great great grandfather was of Keraton blood from Tanah Jawa. He fled to Malaysia to run away from the royalty hyped life and changed his name to a commoner. We didnt know this until one of my aunties got "sick" and another had problems giving birth (apparently the baby wanted to be born in a yellow cloth surrounding). The same auntie also found one of the royal family heirlooms - a small keris inside her "tong beras" which the "orang alim" said would be hidden. You see, when my great great grandfather came to Malaysia he did what we say as "buang daulat" and all those royal family heirlooms went into hiding (or ghaib). They are only to be found by certain family members after certain generations.

Sometimes its hard for someone like me to believe in such things but because as most people know royals have this so called "penjaga" - I've had a few incidents that boogles my mind. Once when I was sleeping in mid afternoon when I was pregnant, someone shouted at my ear and I felt a slap on my face. When I woke up...there was no one in the living room and the azan zohor was heard. Mom said - serves me right to be sleeping during times we consider as "bad" and the slap was a reminder to not miss my solat.

Even when one of us is in trouble or sick...a faint whisper would come to my mother's ear and she would call us out of the blue.

Hard to believe....even for myself...somehow its true.

But whatever it is...am glad that my great great grandfather changed his name. If not, I might have been called something like Gusti Putri Raden Ajeng Retno Dumilah and am sure they would have made fun of my name in school :P

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