Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Legend Island - Second Day Part 2

What is Langkawi good for if not for SHOPPING!!

I dont blame it when tourist say, Langkawi is too commercialized.

After having a heafty lunch at Harum Aroma Cafe we decided to drive down to KUAH for some shopping.

On the way there, Datin pointed out on how sexy this makcik was...

Actually lunch was too awesome, I wanted to doze off in the car. Sya was being a diva and wanted to sit up front - sebab ac lebih kuat katenye...


"Mommy tido ye..."

"Haa Mommy da bangun ye...."

"You wanna know something?"

"Aircond kat sini KUAT...he he he"

We forgot that since the last elections Kedah is now under PAS, so muslim shops on Fridays observe the Friday Solat hours. Of course tak dapat la Datin bershopping ke kedai Hj Ismail.

Instead we decided to borongs all the chocs and tuala and whatever at a nearby store that was opened.

Kakak could not find any LARGE smarties....she settled with M&Ms instead (yg mak dia da bedal 1/4 sebelum sampai KL)

I finally figured out how to pouch Sya infront like a kangaroo...beli benda ni bukannya murah. 3 months lepas da beli baru tau nak pakai camne :P

Its actually much more comfortable than it looks and I tak sakit belakang. Orang kat Langkawi sume cam pelik tengok I carry my daughter like "Look Maaaaa No hands!!"

Pro shutterbugs bawak beg isi lens....I bawak ANAK

It didnt take long to rain again, so Datuk bawak we all round the Island.

Makan Mahsuri now has a complex...coool...

When we got home, Kakak was beging to go swimming in the pool.

Adik was not impressed. Her voice screaming can be heard miles away....

Sampai Datin pun kuar wondering what the commotion was...

And because Adik cant swin...Kakak has an evil grin on her face...simply becoz she has her Moms attention all to herself

Kemana tumpahnya Kuah kalau tak ke nasik...

Sebab mak dia dulu pun swimmer masa kat skolah :P

create animated gif

Actually the pool was not well kept.

I wanted to bring Sya on another trip to the baby pool but when Aliya jerit "BERUDU!!!"

I decided hell NO!!

Actually it not berudu...but maybe some type of small fish

When I noticed that Aliya didnt smell at all CHLORINE, I knew there was something "fishy"

Inilah cara mereka maintain the pool...just top-up je air

Again...please make sure that your child is safe in the pool. Aliya had her "pelampung" thank goodness. Budak ni bukan takut depth TAU. But am a swimmer as well so I confident to jaga her. Reason being??

No lifeguard on duty

And the shower room was something from Elm Street...gruesome

I saw some stairs leading to the beach...maybe all is not lost. So we ventured

It was a nice walk...

Wah....ada resort atas air...

This is the beach we found

I told Kakak..."eh takmo aaa...mana tau depa berak terus masuk dalam ayaq laut!"

Definately...someone was not impressed.

Kakak had a few more laps....before deciding to go back to the room.

create animated gif

create animated gif

Adik was not impressed either....paksa Datuk jumpa Kakak at the entrance for a good lecturing that sounded like jealosy

Next will be our The Legend Island - Going Home...until then take care folks!

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  1. QM,

    He he kali ni tak silap masuk umah lagi opsss bg salam dulu, salam tuan umah.

    Jeles arrr pi Legend Island. To tell u d truth, I d kind of person yg tak suke pi satu2 tmpt tu more than 2 times , max. But, out of the place in the world (except paris & switzerland la sb tak penah pegi ha haha) i nak pi langkawi lagi dan lagi. Hj ismail tu adalah salah satu sebabnya he he.

    And pool yg not well kept is a total put off kan, bila mandi akan rasa gatal2 walaupun mental je sebenarnye.....