Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Legend Island - Intro

Datuk decided to drive to Kuala Perlis. Kids need to know that there is more than one way to travel, he said :P

Our humble journey from KL departed at 4.00am. DH's face was full of sadness...but that's the risk of being an rarely have time off.

Datin as usually had 1001 comments he he he. Datin is also aqua phobic (sebab kecik2 dulu gi sekolah naik bot dan kawan dia pernah mati lemas)

But all was forgotten once we reach land again.

Our accommodation was more like tempat jin bertendang. We couldn't figure out which was the entrance.


Kalau tak sewa kereta, tak makan la ko piah!

I was dreaming of white sand and sea view...but this reminds me of my view in Ampang LOL

Hey..all is not lost...better bad news first right?

Nanti kita tulis lagi.....tunggu!!!!

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  1. heheheh.. alahai.. Is that PERDANA? i knw this place but i din knw its PERDANA. Tp tgk gambar cam ok jer.. nanti cerita lagi okay...