Monday, March 23, 2009

The Legend Island - Departure Day

Appologies for the lateness in publishing our Departure Day Posting. Busy with moving some stuff to Subang Jaya yesterday, I came back terus BOM atas katil.

Today is so hot I feel like I've unconsciously baked myself in the sun. Even Langkawi wasn't THAT hot. Seriously.

Kuala Perlis was windy. We didnt have time to savour the Laksa "Kola" Perlis Datuk is so fond off. Instead, he was busy with the unloading of bags and parking and ferry tickets. From Kuala Perlis its only RM18 for adults, while from Kuala Kedah its RM23. I forgot how much kids were...RM12 I think.

We found some massage chairs, so Datuk took the opportunity to rest while waiting.

Datin is forever worried...being Aquaphobic

But Baby Sya keeps her content I guess...

While Kakak was very very excited and kept me busy with 101 questions.

She needs to write a karangan once school opens so I dont blame her.

We took the Coral Island Ferry, again sebab Datin is Aquaphobic and the boat doesnt sway that much. We got aisle seat so nothing much to see.

Only the kids were excited

"Ma..I'm getting as much Smarties and M&Ms when we get there..."said Kakak

Baby Sya even gugu-and-gaga at a bunch of young men at the opposite side who was amused at her antics and at how cute she was.

"Feewit...abang comel la...tapi saya lagi comel"

Somehow this second child of mine is always basking in attention everywhere she goes.

When we arrived it was raining. And since the winds were pretty strong, Datuk decided to forgo the idea of going to the beach during our stay there. Lagipun am not the type yang fond sangat of going to the beach in Langkawi anyway...I'ld rather take the kids mandi laut at Pulau Sibu where my cousin works.

"Eeeeeeeeee mama...ada ketam kat situ!!"

So after fetching the car (which my SIL kindly booked at the MATTA fair) at the jetty point we had lunch in pekan Kuah (a small restaurant near Hj Ismail Group).

The drive to Perdana Beach Resort was around 30minutes by car. Datuk was a pro with Langkawi roads. During his government servant days they always had meetings here - so basically he's stayed everywhere and there is no "ceruk" in Langkawi he has not been.

The staff who did our check in was friendly. Of course a deposit of RM100 was to be paid upon check in.

So this will be home for the next 2 nights.

Entrance to Room.

We had no plans that afternoon. Datin was exhausted and was reluctant to leave an aircondition room LOL though it was more gloomy and humid than sunny. Somehow I found comfort in a bowl of Maggi Tomyam and was dreaming of the Thai Manggos I saw at the Kuala Perlis Jetty. Menyesal beli seringgit sahaja yang potong-potong.

We were suprised that they had taken the duve covers off our bedsheets. I took the second room with the kids which was convenient. I had to find somewhere safe so that Sya doesnt fall off. I rearranged the beds a bit and had her snug up in the sheets of a single bed againts the wall and double bed next to it.

Second Bedroom

(I totally forgot to take pics before we "redah" the room for I took them before we left...tu yang MACAM KAPAL KARAM da..hik hik hik) but anyway...

The room still smelled of mildew. I quickly sprayed the Detol Spray on places I knew my kids would touch.

Dining Room

Living Room

The sofa was a L shaped one with enough room for the kids to roll around and for the whole family to laze around.

"Scmelll DETOL!"

Kitchen only had a microwave which is a bummer coz in Leisure Cove there was a hotplate stove.


The only thing I like about Leisure Holidays is the rooms and bathrooms are clean. I only had one complaint this time, my hot shower did not work properly in the second bedroom. The kids took their baths at the bathtub in my parents bedroom.

First Bedroom

Thank Godness we bough the anti-slip mat. Sya's not used to such a big space to bathe so she winched a bit but when kakak join in, she was more than happy. However, kakak was not amused that she could not plug the bathtub coz it was defaulted.

Being in such vasinity I always wish my home was as simple as this...senang Akak nak kemas! till the next posting eh for The Legend Island-Second Day - attack of the Kangaroo Woman


  1. ey. quite ok and nice la. i was atracetd by ur baby sya .. not the apartment. ha3.. she so cute... adorable.

    overall.. room are okay. kitchen just nice. lepak area also cozy.

  2. Wah Faye, best ye..p cuti-cuti Malaysia..i hope u dah buang segala stress jauh2 dalam laut and come back as a newly charged person.

    take care