Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heaven Sent

My husband is heaven sent - that's what my family and friends say.

He's very polite with my parents and always asking if they are comfortable.

In spite of me being sick, he is always there and always trying to make ends meet.

When I was hospitalized, he would take care of Sya alone at night, send her to the babysitter, go to work, drive all the way from SJ to GH, drive back to Ampang and pick up Sya and do it all over again without a single complaint.

And every single time he visits me, I have never seen or heard even a slightest sigh.

When I was having troubles with my first few days at the call center, he would effortlessly motivate me in the car without fail.

Ever since I came home from confinement, I seldom wake up for night feeds. He does them without fail (even if he has an early morning drive to Singapore or Penang or Lumut the next day).

When we first got married and working very low paying jobs, I have always ask him to sell of things of mine...but every single time he would refuse. He would say "pandailah I cari". He would rather see me eat and himself go hungry.

I have never seen a single worry on his face. EVER. In other words I have never seen him look "susah hati".

Everday I am blessed to have this heaven sent husband. Because I work and its hard being in two places at the same time - working...mothering...

And yet, somewhere in another home, there is this "tak kenal dek untungnye isteri" who has the nerves to disrespect her husband in such a way makes me wanna....ISHK!!

you decide..


  1. Oh.. such a nicee, luvly and etc husband and father. so lucky of u. im pretty sure everyone wanted that. but not everyone can have like watu have. So sayangilah dia sepenuh nya, seadanya.. hingga akhir hayat, dunia dan akhirat.. (owh.. remind me to my hub too..)

  2. Dear Faye,

    Tq for sharing..

    Actually, I tak blame the lady because I believe her feelings stem from the insecurity that she feels within her.

    I feel it is beyond her 'bossiness', I believe she feels taht way because she longs to be at home..she said she wants to be the mother first.

    A good hubby must have good leadership skills, judging from the kind of lifestyle that is being portrayed here in the clip, I can see he could trim down some of the expenses. Umah besar, keta mewah..if he is a smart hubby, dia boleh advice the wife to hidup sederhana sikit..kena pandai adjust la..awat wife boleh adapt to difficult life, hidup lebih kurang je, but hubby tak leh?

    Americans ni tu la problem they all..too complecant with their affluent lifestyle bila recession, dah susah..

    I am going to make my hubby watch this clip tonight..

  3. lucky u :D..we women yg dpt husbands mithali ni kenalah bersyukur kan...dpt yg kaki pukul tu haaaa seduit tak guna! hih!

  4. Rose : dah tengok ni baru sedar betapa untungnya...

    Ida : Come to think of it, betul juga kata you, thanks for giving a different angle on this. Thats why they say 2 heads are better than one

    Lyana : Memang bersyukur, kalau dia tak macam ni pun, memang minta supaya jgn dapat suami ringan tangan (sikit2 nak hempuk suami)