Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Jakarta...Bandung...Emmanuel Strooban Inspiration

  • My Bro & SIL during a trip to Jakarta & Bandung

  • Blog hopping and found a new mommy on the blog. She did a write up on Mee Bakso - not as it should be. Her daughter Inas is adorable.

  • Begedil made in London @ MAKAN. Blogger review here
Cucur udang (deep fried prawn in batter with mixed vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce) £4.20 which is RM21.57 (wow...but its London UK so its cheap)
5 - 7 Pall Mall East, SW1Y 5BA
Nearest tube:
Charing Cross
Average Price:
£24 and under
Opening times:
Mon - Sat 11am - 11pm
Sun 12pm - 10:30pm

  • and the love affair I have with SOTO with BEGEDIL(its in my blood)

DH borong prawns from TESCO. So that's morning workout for me. Deshell, pan fried for a bit, add water and leave to simmer - this is my Penang Hokkien Mee & Mee Bandung Tg Agas Muar stock base (the sotong kering comes in later)

I also had some stuff to spring clean in the fridge. I hate wastage - especially since a lotta people in other parts of the world do no have even the basic necessities to survive yet alone food. I always have this mind set, the food I throw or purposely leave to rotting in the fridge might be LUXURY for some people to have.

So accessment time :

I had this

Not in the mood for pizza

and this

and prawns

so I was inspired...and so my Nasi Goreng Jakarta was born. We have Nasi Goreng USA so why not Nasi Goreng Jakarta kan?

I had an Emmanuel Strooban moment minus the Moleskine note book LOL (he looks like he uses one anyway)

I DREW my recipe in my head. Cooking is Chemistry 101 for me.

Even the table setting in my kitchen sets the mood. Penting ambik MOOD nih! LOL

The secret and art of Indonesian Food lies in the BUMBU. Javanese by decendent, this is my family heirloom. Use it you cant go wrong - Soto and Ungkep dishes, this is the IBU.

Clockwise : Shallots, Garlic, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Ground Tumeric & Rock Salt

p/s my mbah will kill me if she know am using Ground Tumeric instead of Fresh Ones.
pp/s using rock salt helps to make the BUMBU. Garam Kasar makes any rempah jadi lumat.

Food processor is not the way to go. Even Jamie Oliver has a Granite Mortar & Pestle - my mbah actually said this...she watches ASTRO ok.

Macamana air tangan nak jatuh if pakai food processor...Air tangan la buat suami dan anak2 sayang kat you alls. LOL

Get one online here he he he

Ok ok...da melencong back to our creation - Nasi Goreng Jakarta
4 part dish
  • Nasi Goreng Kunyit
  • Begedil
  • Ayam carik Masak Merah
  • Sup

To make the begedil, you will need:

Fresh Prawns - devein & deshell, grind and pound in Granite Mortar, set aside

Fried Potatoes Wedges (I dont drain the oil during pick up, access oil helps in the recipe) - grind and pound in Granite Mortar, set aside

The end result and what else you need

Clockwise : Bumbu, Ground Fresh Prawns, 2 table spoon of Flour, 2 table spoon of Corn Flour, Ground Fried Potatoes Wedges, Spring Onions - julien.
Middle - cripsy friend Shallots - julien.

Mix everything together. You may add ground white pepper, season to taste.

Make them into medium size pattes.

How to fry?

Dip and let the eggs coat the pattes before deep frying

Pick up and access oil drain on kitchen tissue.

My Nasi Goreng Kunyit is a simple Chinese Rice Recipe. Add the Ground Tumeric at the end but not too much. Let the photos do the talking eh

and in the cooled boiled rice after than. Season to taste.

My simple fat free Chicken Broth oil just plain goodness.

For the Ayam carik Masak Merah, shreded the chicken that was in the broth after it was tender. Leave the bones in the broth for further simmering.

  • Fried some julien cut big onions, garlic & ginger.
  • Added the pasta sauce, added a bit of oyster sauce, some cili padi
  • Seasoning, salt and palm sugar to taste
  • Place shreded chicken on plate and place sweet sour sauce on top.

Serving :
  • I always have a batch of sambal kicap, so I drizzle some on the begedil.
  • Slices of cucumbers always spruce up the "partee" LOL
  • Keropok or Fish Crackers is a signature side dish in Indonesia. They eat it with rice.
  • Garnishing with spring onions & crispy fried julien shallots (bawang goreng)
  • I love my friend rice with can even put the begedil in the soup and have it just like that if you dont feel like eating rice...

So presenting....Nasi Goreng Jakarta

Sila - sila....

Air tangan punya pasal....DH quietly went out and hadiah kan I my favourite JAJAN (treat)


  1. The pictures are sooooo incredibly tempting!

    Yes, I also lurveee soto! I like with 2 bergedils... This is good eating!

  2. hahahaha..I love slurpee as well..Masa pregnant, dok togok itu jek..Alhamdulillah tak kena kencing manis ka apa..

    BTW, ur nasi goreng jakarta looks so simple to prepare and sedap too..will definitely try it out..

  3. Erkk! When u mentioned jajan, does that include whiskas? Sapa punye? Muizza ke?

  4. dasyat la u ni..buat i lapar mlm2 nih...

  5. Kikuri :
    Yes Muizza can have JAJAN too OKAY. She's my "baby" what? LOL

    Yes...slurpee rocks...wonder if DH can seludup some into the ward...LOL

    Lyana Mauseth:
    Sowie...tak bermaksud untuk membuat u lapar...I baca balik I pun lapar skang...LOL