Monday, January 12, 2009

The simplicity of BWs

I'm a huge fan of BWs and its in my element. Its my signature. I have framed so many BWs for my living hall.

Sya is my latest subject LOL. But am posting some of my favs.

...and it all started with these shots taken with my sony ericsoon camera phone.


  1. K.Farah! This is an impeccable job! Cantiknyaaaa. And ur gurl is uber kawaii!

    Ini bukan bodek...

  2. Dear Miss Queen Mom,

    Salam perkenalan *hugs*

    INCREDIBLE job momma! Uh oh, really love your masterpiece >_<

    Thank you for sharing please keep on posting your latest work, deeply admire your art.

    Hugs n kisses to your beloved kids darling ;)

  3. your baby pun rambut lebat jugak! hahaha.... banyak betul persamaan, tarikh sama, berat juga (wpun tak sama beratnya) dan rambut pun lebat. :D

  4. nice lar ur pics collection. u oso into photography? but at least u have SDLR, for me, im only using my CyberShot Compact Camera. nanti can share tips heh?

  5. Lyana :

    Kikuri :
    oo Sodeska??? Arigatouzaimas ne!

    Orked :

    Sya kata - Hello my unofficial twin!! LOL..yee memang banyak persamaan...cant wait to see Orked masa gath photomama nanti.

    Suryati :

    I always believe its not the camera but the person behind the camera that performs the magic.