Friday, January 30, 2009

My Malaysian version of Köttbullar med brunsås, lingonsylt och ättiksgurka

I've been iching to cook and as you all know, I'm one who cannot sit still and cant stand keep eating take outs. MUST HAVE HOME COOK FOOD *ptfuh!*

The hard part about my condition rite now is that I cant stand for too long. That also means I cant go out as much and as long as I want to and the mamak food from the nearby stall where DH gets them seemed to be a tad bit boring now.

DH came home early...GREAT. I can instruct and he can cook ;) he he he

Suddenly I remembered the meatballs I had in the freezer.

I live in Ampang and I dont often visit IKEA as much as I would like to. Even if I visit IKEA its not for the furniture but more for the ever famous Köttbullar - Swedish Meatballs (although I did find Sya's Antilop-baby dining chair there. The Ikea Antilop and Antilop Tray, is great, very cheap, easy to clean, lightweight and stable....ok thats another posting)

And since IKEA is out of the way today - dinner will be My Malaysian version of Köttbullar med brunsås, lingonsylt och ättiksgurka (Literally: meatballs with brown-sauce, lingonberry-jam and vinegar-gherkins.)

The very much important ingredients in the order I make them since eating this immediately is best.

The Mash Potatoes
I know that in IKEA Malaysia they serve this with french fries. But since DH prefers less oil, I decided on this.
Very simple to do:
1. Peel the potatoes
2. Cut in dices
3. Boil until tender

4. Drain
5. Add a bit of butter
6. Mash for a bit and add a bit of milk (I only had full cream for our coffee in store so that will do for now)

7. Mash somemore and keep warm.

The Veges
I love broccoli without a doubt. Broccoli is best served steamed for about 5 minutes and no more. It is said that steaming is the best way to keep the most vitamins in them.

The Mest Balls

AZMY Bebola Daging is the closest I can find to instant Meatballs. I can make my own but this is good when I need something quick. Boleh beli di TESCO ye puan-puan.

Sometimes I get the Indonesian meat balls at Chow Kit or this nice old malay lady at the pasar pagi near Pandan Indah LRT.

Fry lightly in just a bit of oil (some use butter for flavouring but since am watching what I'm eating, I use sunflower oil instead.

Since this is Malaysian Version, I use wok (LOL) My iron skillet da kena pack since we're moving off to Subang Jaya soon.

I add a dash of Worshire sauce for flavouring and later to make the gravy.

Once brown, angkat.

The Gravy
Gracy ni sebenarnya made from the oil dripping of any meat we roast or fry.

1. Once you take the meatballs out from the wok, there will be some oil dripping.
2. Add 1 tablespoon of butter and leave to melt.
3. Once melt, put in two table spoon of flour. Stir constantly on low heat until you get this nice smell.
4. I usually add milk to the mixture to make it creamy but if you dont like milk then add beef stock (or beef cubes mixed with water pun boleh)
5. But remember to stir constantly kalau tak lumpy nanti. Bring to boil.

The Lingonberry-jam

This is a must for this recipe. This is not your ordinary jam. Only sesuai with meat dishes. Swedish people makan ni macam Tomato Ketchup or Kicap to the majority of us. We stocked some during our last visit to buy A'aesyah Antilop (kidde chair)

My ättiksgurka

I always have Australia's Aristocrat Bread and Butter Cucumbers which can be bought at Cold Storage, so that will do for now.

The outcome?

Silalah makan ye...

In the meantime, this is a very good video instruction of how to make the same on You Tube


  1. Faye-senpai,
    Why do u have to live soooo far away from Pontian? Kalu tak dah lama u heard me knocking on ur door sambil bawak pinggan kosong! That *erkkk....* looks so awfully yummy!!!! LAPAAAARRR!

  2. farah,

    kat norway ni kami panggil kjøtt kaker i brun saus :D...mmg sedap...kalau husband i buat, lepas makan i jadi ikan paus mmg x blh gerak..mmg meat balls ni jd sauh kat dalam perut...bravo u berani buat sendiri!! nmpk sedap sgh!

  3. Kikuri : Very tasty neh? LOL Nak tunggu akak pindah johor mau ada 25 tahun lagik kut...rumah kat Parit Sulong tu memang untuk akak.

    Lyana : makan kjøtt kaker i brun saus anda jadi ikan paus - pantun tuh LOL...
    tell u what..baru tulis comment sikti camni pun da nguap..nak jadi ikan paus gak lepas ni..LOL