Friday, January 30, 2009

Mu'izza Iris is my surrogate child

Mu'izza Iris captured my heart when she shakily sat under a car in my apartment lot, 2 weeks ago. I called, circled around the car for a bit asking her to come out of hiding...but she wouldnt budge.

I tried to ignore. I am a cat lover by nature, dont get me wrong. According to Islam, if an animal dies in your are doomed for hell.

So I walked up the stairs and did my usually chores. Not that there was none in my heart to receive her but I was reluctant to take the heavy burden of responsibility should she die in my care. What do I know about taking care of cats let alone become a surrogate mother to this small being? - I said to myself. I was with war with myself.

But it is Allah swt fate that her piercing meows sounded like my A'aesyah crying for milk. I couldn't muffled the sound. I peeked out from my bedroom window and saw that she has cross over to the guard house.

The sound became even more desperate. After performing Asar, I decided I had to go down and see to her. I had a bowl of water. She was waiting at the foot of the stairs. She wobbly came to my aid and looked at me with gleaming grey eyes. THATS IT. I text DH saying I dont have it in my heart to ignore this little one. I will do whatever it takes to nurse her back to health.

The first few days was more like bringing back a baby home for the first time. You had the baby...what now.

I got the help of friend whom I knew had a handful of cats. She asked :-

Does she have a full set of teeth? - Yes
Is her tummy bloated? - Yes

(Susleen..thanks a lot dear!)

So we rushed to Carefour to get some Whiskers in packets and DH offered to buy her a cat cage and tray with some litter sand, Laxatone since she had not passed motioned and a pill to deworm. I also asked for some cat shampoo.

"She is now YOUR responsibility" said DH. I was like a kid who just got a new pet *sigh*

I named her Mu'izza who was said to have been the Islamic prophet Muhammad's favorite cat. Added Iris because her eyes are just so mesmerizing. Liya thinks so too. (

My kitchen balcony is Mu'izza Iris's lair now. My old color boxes and some old furniture is her playground. Her cage which is under a shade I made out off an old "tapik meja plastik" & a old tikar.

Mu'izza Iris is such a good girl when it comes to baths. She never struggles when I place my palm and clean her coat gently or rinse her with the warm water. She sits quietly and enjoys the blow dry afterwards as well.

I dont even have to train her when it comes to pooping....I'll always see it on the cat litter tray.

Everytime I hand out my laundry, she will playfully rub her head and body againts my leg and feet. She knows she is loved.

I even got excited when I saw her first poop and the bloatedness gone.

It may sound crazy but I talk to her whenever I can.

She is small and thin, I suspect that her mommy had abandon her maybe coz she was premature or too frail. Her mommy didnt think she would survive.

My mother says cats have an inner instinct. They know which household have a love for cats. She also said, I did a good thing, I followed the steps of our great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Of late, I've been reading a lot about that since my mom made that statement. I know now that EVEN this little ibadah I am doing by feeding her, insya-Allah is a small investment in akhirat.( could have I been so ignorant...masya-allah.

Mu'izza Iris is my surrogate child...and she has indeed a special place in my heart.


  1. Oic... no wonderlaa umah kitorang sentiasa dikunjungi oleh stray cats...
    And guess what, we (my parents and I) talk to our cats, as if they are small kids!

    BTW,we he lotsa cats at home... Maybe more than 15! See, i have lost count already!

    All the best for u and the kitten!

  2. Kikuri : I also have another "penuggu" at my front door of the apartment. I think she's sure to give birth anytime soon. Buatla macam mana pun, memang dia akan ada tiap2 hari...dunno where she goes to at night. Gumuk u...geram I. My husband also love naturally my dotter Liya macam nampak Miley Cyrus je la when I took this kitten in. My FIL has a cat called Nikko (u being anime fans mesti tau what it means in Japanese). So explains right? I have 1 tinie one da kelam! kena tabik hormat ni ;)

  3. Yup, I know... it mean cat. Well actually it's 'neko'.

    My mom just adopted a preggy cat last month. Amek kat pasar. Name dia BUNDEL... Hahahaha...

    She is about to give birth soon...

  4. so the cat namanya Muizza Iris?
    sangat unik!


    tapi i pun kasik nama my kucing Fahrin Ahmad :P

  5. Mommy Lyna :
    Alamak...tu nama sedara sepupu sepapat I la...

    His mother and my mother a dua pupu macam gitu...LOL

  6. alamak, rumah my parents selalu kucing2 jalanan ni dtg lepak dan terus buat rumah sendiri...kami ni semua jenis nak pegang binatang pun x berani so how? just bagi makan je lah hehari..but few cases the cats beranak and the kitten mati sbb apa we all tak tau lah...but hopefully jgn le kami ni berdosa kan..sbb nak buat mcmana? abah i alergik kucing, yg lain perempuan,kucing duduk 4 meter pun kami dah bertempiaran lari haha...but since now married, husband i ni animal lover, my kids too...i tetap mcm biasa...duduk jauh2 i okay lah :D