Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mati Di Gigit Anjing SS19 Subang Jaya - Saya pun takut sama

Agak gempar sebab benda ni berlaku tak jauh dari pejabat my husband.

sumber gambar daripada

Kes itu disiasat di bawah Seksyen 304 (a) Kanun Keseksaan kerana menyebabkan kematian oleh kecuaian yang membawa hukuman penjara maksimum dua tahun atau denda atau kedua-duanya.

Sementara itu, Pengarah Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya Dr Roslan Mohamed Hussin berkata ia telah mula memeriksa kawasan perumahan di perbandaran untuk baka yang dikatakan menjadi agresif dan berbahaya.

"Tujuh baka anjing, iaitu Akita, Neapolitan Mastiff, American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, fila BR, Japanesa Tosa dan American Pit Bull berkecenderungan kepada tingkah laku yang agresif atau berbahaya," katanya.

Majlis itu juga menguatkuasakan arahan daripada Jabatan Haiwan Selangor untuk mengharamkan baka-baka "tidak terurus atau mungkin berbahaya" ini.

more on this news here

email from the deceased's son :

Dear All,

My dear father, Yip Sun Wah, was bitten to death by a pit bull which charged out of house No. XX, Jalan SS19/5B, 47500 Subang Jaya, in the morning of 8-May-2012 (Tue) - just 10 days after celebrating his 74th birthday on 28-Apr-2012. Being a disciplinarian, he was on his regular morning jog which he never misses for anything in the world. Probably the only senior citizen in the area who still jogs at that age, he was rather well-known to many residents in the SS19 neighbourhood. That same road and that same house, he has passed for years without anything untoward but it was not to be on that fateful morning.

I was told that pit bulls are ferocious fighter dogs whose bite is even more powerful than rottweilers. It'd bite until the victim is totally motionless before it lets go. Just this April 2012, the Maryland Court of Appeals issued an opinion that Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous animals and distinguishes Pit Bulls and Pit Bull-mixed breeds from other kinds of dogs. Read more here: Unfortunately, the said pit bull owners thought otherwise and let such a dangerous animal roams the house compound freely and with the gates open.

According to eyewitness, Mr. Eddy Wang, that was what exactly my father endured that morning - the pit bull didn't relent its bite on his neck until he lied motionless. As the bite ruptured the arteries on the neck, he passed away just minutes later from excessive loss of blood.  Obviously, no chance for a 74-year old man to fight off a pit bull in kill-mode with just his bare hands. Mr Eddy Wang was the good samaritan who tried to beat off the pit bull with an umbrella until the umbrella broke, but still the dog won't release its bite.

Just for the record, the pit bull owners didn't come out to meet us despite all our sobbing (my 73-old mother, myself, my son and my 3 brothers) at the sorry, pitiful and painful sight of the death of a husband, father and grandfather.

As I write, I'm still in pain, shock and trauma over this sudden and inconceivable tragedy that has befallen my family . Nothing anyone does now can give me back my dearly missed father. It's just my hope that dog owners will be more responsible owners - taking all necessary measures to ensure their dogs do not pose a danger to the public at all times. If my father's death can be a wake-up call to all dog owners, his death would not have been in vain. The irresponsible conduct of the said pit bull owners was going to result in a tragedy like this sooner or later. It was plain unlucky that it happened to my dad. If it wasn't my dad, it'd have been someone else.

I wish to take the opportunity here to put on record my gratitude to the following people who lent a helping hand one way or another during our ordeal:-
  • Mr. Eddy Wang who attempted to beat off the pit bull
  • Chinese gentleman owner of house No. 38
  • Young malay lady doctor (a resident) who confirmed my father's death
  • Ambulance personnel who tried to help but couldn't
  • Encik Zam who called to inform me
  • Mr. Anthony Wong
  • Puan Noor and her son Nazrin
  • Police officers from USJ8 and SS17
  • Malay lady owner of the house in front of which my father breathed his last
  • Chinese old lady next door who also attempted to beat off the pit bull with a rotan
  • YB Hannah Yeoh who consoled us and pledged a compassionate donation of RM5k on the spot
My father's wake will be held at Gui Yuan Crematorium, Jalan 229, Petaling Jaya on Wed, Thur, Fri (May 9, 10, 11). Cremation will take place on Sat (May 12) at 10:00am.

Yip Hon Mun

yang putih tu nampak cam Dogo Argentino kan? huhuhu

Bukan nak kata apa, tapi I dengan Syasya dan Mimi selalu berjalan kut jalan belakang dan beli nasi lemak kat Jalan SS14/2a. Dekat persimpangan Jalan SS14/SS14 dan Jalan SS14/2b tu kan ada corner house bela dua ekor anjing besar ni and very aggresive tau...dah la pagar tempat kandang diaorang tu cam soooo fragile aiyoooo memang seram sejuk kalau lalu situ. Who knows what can happen.

I fear la for my kids juga and myself. Takkan nak harap husband jerk belikan nasi lemak huhuhu kalau dia outstation camne?? Tak leh la berpeluk tubuh kan.

so what do you think? Should I report or not? 


  1. Report quickly..that pagar is nothing..they can climb over it anytime.

  2. should report la..bahaya tu..kes yg kat atas tu pun tuan dog tu tak ikat adia punya dog kan...pagar dia tu mcm sekali anjing tu lompat dh boleh lepas tu..huhu..