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Kidzania - what an experience

Alhamdulillah, we received a generous sponsor for the kids to experience Kidzania at NX Curve semalam. Frankly, with our financial commitments, mana dengan Mimi's emolient therapy with MooGoo yang RM300 sebulan tu, memang ikutkan tak mampu nak nak ke sana. Tapi orang kata rezeki Allah swt itu luas dan akan di datangkan dalam macam-macam bentuk. Setakat ini, masih belum sampai habis putus. Yang penting rewarding my kids is a big personal satisfaction. Yelah...siapa tak nak tengok anak-anak sendiri happy kan?

But this opportunity juga memberi peluang pada I untuk review a few things here and there about our Kidzania experience and why we think, that we definately will repeat 8 years time

Kenapa? Anything bad ke? have to read on to understand why

I had made careful planning about going there. As usual la, my husband pun tahu I ni bukan jenis yang main serbu je. Mesti logistics kira sampai tak cukup jari hiak hiak hiak

After reading a few reviews online, I decided to go there an hour before Morning Session starts. There are 2 sessions if you are going on a public holiday and 1 session if its a normal working day.

Although a lot of blogs did mention to go there during week days, I doubt that can be achieved as Aliya needs to go to school. That was the reason why we went there an hour earlier.

Harga admission boleh check di sini

Buy the tickets online but make sure you have a printer at home. Maybe we were just lucky that day tak ada beratur lama sangat terus dapat masuk ke kaunter.

Wear proper attire. Sport shoes kalau boleh. I saw some "hot mamas" parading their 3inch hills...gile ke apa. I pakai flat pun dah nak FLAT. This goes to the kids as well. Aliya tersilap pakai her wedges so dia tak dapat buat the rock climbing

Going into Kidzania is like going off to another country. You have to "board a plane" - kunun-kununnya lah. You get a boarding pass, a map and a check. Baguskan government Kidzania ni, siap bagi elaun untuk you start a new life in a new country hahaha. Kadang certain country nak dapat working pass pun susah, apatah lagi nak dapat elaun atau duit huhuhu

The currecy of this Kidzania is Kidzos :)
Every "traveler" to Kidzania will get 50 Kidzos

My kids actually "kena timbang" macam baggage kat check in ticketing counter hahaha. I thought that was really funny. We were given special bracelets yang boleh discan.

Mama so paparazzi lah!

Very important before you naik escalator ke atas. DONT FORGET YOUR BOARDING PASS, MAP & YOUR CHECK. You dont want to go 3 floors down get them when the crowd memang sangat ramai.

Security is very tight. At first floor, they asked me if I bawak makanan dan minuman luar. Be honest. Mimi has eczema and highly allergic to outside food so I buat "bersamamu" sambil tunjuk eczema dia sampai the girl tak sampai hati nak kata apa - ha ha ha. We also seludup a tall sports water bottle huhuhu

To reach Kidzania you have to take a flight of escalators and there are a few security check points. It seems that depa takkan lepaskan you sekali harung camtu lah. This is efficient crowd control. But biasalah Malaysians, ada yang pumpangpumpang kuat sikit, dapat la cut que - benci betul mentality macam ni.

Sedikit skill mahir untuk bawa stroller naik escalator diperlukan ya puan-puan sebelum anda sampai ke destinasi anda

Since Kidzania ni macam one country of its own, kena go through customs jugak ye :P

Upon reaching Kidzania kat atas tu, cash out your cheque. Now the concept of the city is to work to earn Kidos so you can buy services or food or gifts in Kidzania.

Now children ni pantang banyak....PANTANG NAMPAK. They will decide what kerja they want...lagi glamor lagi bagus hahaha

Aliya verangan nak jadi journalist. But the nice "avang" at the NST Kidzania office said, it will take time. So they asked us to the pick up old newspapers for recycling and sending newspapers.

Kesian kan? Mana pergi kebebasan media kat Malaysia ni. Kidzania pun jadi mangsa ke???? hahaha yolah tu :P

But on a serious note, I dont think the usherers should actually tell you what you child can or cannot do. Kalau dia nak jadi journalist biar je la kan...haih - HAMPA

pakai uniform while the papparazi looks on
the papparazi are everywhere

they take your photos
once done, they will scan you wrist band

briefing kerja dengan "editor in chief"

I notice Syasya was not really enjoying herself. Maybe dia masih binggung. "Aik? Ni main-main apa plak ni" was the look on her face. But once they got paid...amboi, money is money la in apa jua form pun huhuhu

The next job they choose was Unifi Engineer...
Ewah, mentang-mentang atuk, pakcik-pakcik dan daddy depa sendiri pun Engineer...terpengaruh pula ye

This next job Syasya macam seronok sikit, I dont know why. She was really listening to the safety briefing cam yo yo yor je

Then with the jacket and white safety helmet, bawa toolbox pergi ke termination point/telephone box and they are to replace fibre optic cables and activate broadband connection hehehe

GAJI TINGGI wey, 10 kizzos huhuhu But paling precious was the smile on my little girl's face. 

Lepas dah habis ni, barulah I terasa lapar since as usualy I yang tak sempat breakfast. So I pergi beli la something kat their food outlet. But so sad tengok menu. Semua jenis instant, goreng-goreng so unhealthy and SANGAT CEKIK DARAH!! :((

dah lapar belasah je la..

Nasib baik ada popiah sayur (2 ketul for RM4.50 - pengsan) I pejam mata dan beli so 4 set for RM18 [haih] and told the kids we will get proper lunch nanti. We wanted to do the Sushi King Sushi Bar and Ayambrand cooking school but ramai sangat orang so we skipped.

Aliya wanted to take the driving license to drive the car, so she went and did her insurance and eye test. She had to buy 8 kizzos worth of insurance at Allianz

Then an eye check up at HOYA

insurance and driving license

Since Syasya kecik lagi, I suggested she took the job isi petrol je lah hehehe. 

While observing her, behind me was this hotel which would terbakar every 1 hour hahaha KESIAN kan?

Then the kenit-kenit ahli bomba will come and padamkan api huhuhu

Another thing I hated was there was no elevators to go to the second floor so I had to orchastrate camne nak lipat and bawa stroller tu naik. SO TAK STROLLER FRIENDLY sedangkan the babies punya bahagian kat atas - huh??? APA NI! Kena complaint la when I have time to write to them

It was in this room Syasya mengamuk sakan tak nak Aliya said dia nak cari kerja lagi. She ended up at the DELL factory and earned another 10 kizzos.

When we were able to pujuk Syasya [finally] they went to mintak kerja as pilots kat the Air Asia Skyrider Training School. This was the only place parents tak boleh masuk and ambik gambar :((

and it was not worth buying as well the photos since sekeping is RM20 (I did ask Aliya if she wanted, dia sendiri pun cakap ridiculously MAHAL la Mama)

Doing all these activities did take up time and sad to say we did not get to do a lot of the other ones as well. You have to bare in mind when session ends means session ends. Kena ca alip but lepas tu ya!

but I think that would be another good excuse to come here...say when Aliya turns 17? hehehe Syasya would be 9 and Mimi 8 so I'm sure if Kidzania wujud lagi, we would place a revisit during those time :)

Why I say this was because of my own experience that most of the stuff there are really only suitable for 7 years and above. Maybe that time, I would suggest Aliya to go to Kidzania "university" first then only buat kerja so she can earn double hahaha

**tensen tak leh join**

But I'm so thankful we got this opportunity...the kids are much more happierer when they came back and am sure Aliya did learn that money does not grow on trees ;)

...and here are more photos enjoy :)

p/s balik tu Daddy belanja makan REAL food sebab semua orang dah kebulur!!

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