Monday, May 16, 2011

Spreading Some Gratitude For Teacher's Day

It's an annual thing I do dengan my 1st dotter Aliya. It might be simple but they say its the thought that counts. Hadiah pun mungkin tak seberapa but my mother was a teacher (I'm supposed to be a teacher also u know :P) and dia selalu bagitau, she would like things she could use on a daily basis - contohnya stationery. I love novelties too but if I was a teacher, some stationery would be nice as well :)

My annual melipat kertas hadiah is always the Origami Shirt. Its creative and suits the theme of Teacher's Day. For the cikgu lelaki I sertakan an Origami Tie as well, while for the cikgu perempuan, a nice beaded necklace adorns their lovely shirt (hurmmm...kalaula I tau buat Origami Kebaya kan bagus?)

I want the presents to be very personalized and I want my daugther's 99% involvement in preparing this. Biasalah tak jadi cikgu pun masih lagi menjadi cikgu di rumah with my kids :)

So enjoy the piccas (hope you will try this yourself as well if you run out of ideas for teacher's day)

and I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all the teachers out there


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  1. how sweet..
    eh, i ni kira kategori teacher x? mana hadiahnye..hehehe


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