Monday, May 23, 2011

Haters Are Confused Admirers

Haters keep the world going round. Learn to LOVE them cause they the best fans in the world. Without them, nobody would give a crap about who we are!

Betul tak?

They take heat about what you write on your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and what you comment on other people's wall bla bla bla yada yada yada

Stalkers ke? *giggle* Losers more like it to me.

You may not get to pick your family but at least you can pick your friends. Take advantage of this by picking healthy friends who don't suck the life out of you. Friends come and go; people change for better or worse. You are not obligated to keep around toxic friends just because you have a history with them.

As especially...ESPECIALLY when the good old Ustaz says

Nafsu sentiasa mengajar erti 'lazat' apabila seseorg itu mengata, fitnah, mengumpat & merendahkan org lain di belakangnya, FB menjadikn nafsu 'berkenduri' dek kerana mudah & lebih mudahnya proses keji ini tersebar. Fikir dgn iman sebelum menaip, bimbang 'muflis' di akhirat :)

So thank you haters. You're da effing bomb!! **sambil berlalu membawa gendongan pahala sekontena



  1. u have haters? mcm x caya jer.
    lain le mcm i ni..berkdoi2 gamaknye org meluat.haha

  2. besalah tu..
    who don't know haters..

  3. i can't access your blog for like weeks...ari ni baru rasa lega... phewww...