Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fit for 2 : Saturday Morning Coffee with The Gentle Birthing Group Malaysia

Fun and family friendly atmosphere, thats how I can sum up my morning coffee with a group of ladies who are very much passionate about motherhood.

Venue was Fit for 2 - a fitness centre with an attached cafe. Established in 2004 by Debbra Lee. Being a mother herself, Debbra realised a need for a place where Pregnant Ladies and New Parents could find not only suitable exercise classes but also healthy food options for themselves and their kids.

Our informal speaker for the day was Bee Ting Ng, an analyst and mother of 3 whom has worked and breastfeed all her 3 children while working and while traveling (aboard) as well. Suprise - suprise I also met my super senior kat Uni dulu, Tria Aziz (familar face? -  the winner of the reality TV show "Audition" & Actress for Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah; Kurang Manis; M! The Opera). She is seen here with Bee Ting.

Sitting next to me was Ann Ibrahim (wife to Jason Lo) and Nadine Ghows (The Gentle Birthing Group Malaysia)... 

While to my right was a lovely lady by the name Jean Chuah. Jean runs a school in OUG.

Although I am not working its good that I get some info on how to express, stock and transport just in case there is a sudden need for me to do so.

It's also good that  Bee Ting bought with her "the tools needed" hehehe so 

This is the first time the family is over at Fit for 2. Its such a family friendly place even my DH was impressed.

Yupp, that's what caught my attention, Freshly Made Baby Food. Mana ada cafe kat Malaysia ni yang THIS friendly betul tak? This is catered by Baby Ambrosia. Head over to their website - http://www.babyambrosia.com for more info.

Yaaa ada hidangan milk booster yang hebat uols hehehe

This was Syasya's drink - best kan? In a kiddies cup. I selalu "angin" dgn places to eat sebab selalu serve air in glassware. Kalau ramai yang serve camni kan senang!

I love the cuppies there too

The next thing that really impressed me was the NURSING ROOM

Gile kosy dan rasa cam nak tertido bila BF Amel kat situ. Ada nursing pillow lagi dan changing table siap ada diapers - yupp. Pemurah kan owner cafe ni.

Our cafe facilities extend further with a private breast feeding area and baby nappy changing facility with free nappies, just in case you have forgotten one. Children also get a free baby muffin and a free baby-cino on their visit to Fit For 2!

Fit for 2 is also a fitness studio.

The Fit For 2 Studio provides a range of classes suitable for all stages of parenthood.

These classes include:

· pregnancy fitball
· mummy & baby fitball
· pregnancy yoga
· mummy & baby yoga
· pregnancy pilates
· mummy & baby pilates

The also have ballet classes for both adults and children (hahaha mula la nak berkira2 untuk hantar Syasya yang sangat diva itew)

While Mama sibuk berdiskusi, Syasya had instant playdates dengan anak Ann dan Nadine. The play area is 5 star bagi seorang mummy macam saya

The place is also nice untuk mak-mak nak gather2 dan berjimba2. Coz kalau nak privacy boleh la hantar anak anda ke kidzsport sebelah hehehe

Syasya dapat free milo masa nak keluar hehehe

DH kata, must go again or if there is another gathering like this, must make sure to attend sebab dia kata good for both me and the kids :)

For more infor on Fit for 2 visit their website at http://www.fitfor2.com.my


  1. cantik cantik cantik...i pun teringin nak join tengok play area tu kak ..heheheh...

  2. Hi All, is there a parent coffee meeting anywhere in KL?? that i could join please?