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TWO Yummylicious Tubs (400ml each) of Buckets Artisan Ice Creams at 50% off

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If you are ever in the KL Sentral area during these hot humid days, have a few minutes to spare and ice cream or gelato on your mind, do drop by at Buckets Artisan Ice Creams, SOOKA SENTRAL.

Sooka Sentral is one of the newest landmark in Kuala Lumpur. It is located opposite the Stesen Sentral departure entrance. Both Sooka Sentral and Stesen Sentral are part of the Kuala Lumpur Sentral (KL Sentral) project that is being promoted as Malaysia’s largest transit hub.

Buckets Artisan Ice Creams or Buckets specialize in producing ice creams and sorbets on a just in time (JIT) basis for hotels, restaurants and cafes (HORECA) and corporate/family even.

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Since JIT elimates waste arising from keeping lots of stock, Buckets Artisan Ice Cream is making a promise that their products are fresh.

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True artisan ice cream is made in the same way it was before the industrial revolution. That means nothing is added to the base other than cream, milk, cane sugar and egg yolks. The finished product imparts a rich mouth feel.

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As one blogger a fan of Buckets Ice Cream puts it :

I tell you the taste is out of this world SUPERB. I don't taste the mixture of water and fat (like in most of our local ice-s). I don't 'feel' the fat or the heaviness after eating (like in some flavours of Sunnyside). I don't feel just a little unsatisfied (like when I have Bulla frozen yogurt). I just feel this is so fulfilled. When the guy there let me taste the orange flavour, I tell you, it really was a SURE SIGN that no flavouring was added. It really tasted like orange. And was not too sweet, even mildly sour (it was a sorbet, after all). He told me: "All Vitamins intact too!" - ANN from Autopsy of Ann (http://bit.ly/autopsyofAnn)
According to Ann per cup is RM6+, 4 big scoops for RM19 after discount while 7 scoops (family pack) for RM28.90

Some of the other flavors available :

Buckets says :
Our milk base ice creams (average 10 -12% fat) and sorbets (99.9% fat free). We call ourselves Artisan Ice Cream Makers because :

We can produce or create ice cream or sorbet flavours based on your requirements*
We make our ice creams & sorbets from scratch! No imported premixes, therefore we can adjust and tweak recipes for each individual flavour.

We use and source for only the finest ingredients both locally & overseas. Just to name a few, Belgian Cocoa from France, Vanilla Beans from Madagascar, Green Tea from Japan, Berries from France and Nut Pastes from Italy!
And they make their ice cream waffle cones FRESH as well

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MilkADeal is having a special promotion with Time Left To Buy 6 days from now :
Halal, fresh, quality ingredients and with a bucketful of colours and flavours, no one can deny the fantabulous taste of Buckets Artisan Ice Creams. Distinguishing themselves from normal run of the mill ice creams, Buckets Ice Creams is an Artisan Ice Cream maker.
RM21 instead of RM42 for TWO Yummylicious Tubs (400ml each) of Buckets Artisan Ice Creams, SOOKA SENTRAL - HALAL [50% OFF]
get your voucher here

and if you are near Kota Damansara, they have the same deal as well at the The Strand, Kota Damansara,

Premium Buckets Sdn Bhd
38-G & 38-1, Jalan PJU 5/20B,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 03 6142 8588 Fax : 03 6142 8488Mobile : 012-692 8869

Kuala Lumpur:
2nd Flr, Sooka Sentral, Jln Stesen Sentral 5, 50470KL

Petaling Jaya:
Wisma LYL, Lobby, Jln 51A/223, 46100 PJ-->

Food Court, Enterprise 4,
Teknology Park MalaysiaLebuhraya Sg. Besi,
Puchong, Bkt. Jalil, 57000 KL

Klang & Tropicana: Opening soon!

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