Thursday, April 07, 2011

The One About Justice For Arwah Adelia Part 7 (Lagi Taska Nak Tunggu Budak Mati)

image from and full story here

kata penulis blog, yang menghantar email gambar2 ni kata dah tanya kawan PDRM and what they said is exactly correct
Tak caya check la posting Mamasita on her arwah grandniece

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  1. how could they do this, cari 'rezeki' dengan menganiaya org mcm ni kan x berkat!! haishh..
    and i feel so lucky that the daycare centre tempat i hantar my children has a proper way to handle the children (eventhough my children were 'transit based' as they will go off to their school/kindy) I dah pergi check sampai dapur-it is clean, and provide baby cot for babies, and portable and washable 'pangkin' for the children 4yrs above tosleep and not just allow them sleep on floor. They segregate the bath rooms each for girls and boys.. and they have proper meal time and the children were only allow to eat at the kitchen.. tapi i know that there're plenty of taska as in the pics out there, with the sitter comot, baju compang camping...gross lah depa ni!!