Monday, April 18, 2011

Now that it's raining more than ever...

....Know that we'll still have each other

Wow. What a wet weekend since Friday petang lagi.
And on the subject of our Friday....
Masa arrive at the "focus group" discussion point, tak nampak pun macam nak lebat. Tetiba dalam midst of very very focused discussion, bom bom bang thunder lightening semua cukup.

Siap surge dan trip lagi.

I love the discussion point this time but the food was a bit lacking la. Last time, discussion point macam tempat jin bertendang but we had PIZZA. Ha Ha Ha Beggars cant be choosers kan.

This time around I owe it to my husband yang sangat-sangat understanding sanggup tunggu with baby Ame. Even some of the mothers pointed that out.

With my husband - being a dad - he can never go wrong :)

I expressed milk 2x for Amel - malam masa dia dah tido dan subuh tu. YES its old news. I have always expressed in the past to empty my tanks but I takde la nak make it a point to tell the whole world :P

So dapat la 2 bottles of 3 and half ounces. Took them out of the fridge and straight to the bag. Handling EBM is second nature for my DH. 

- finishing the 2nd bottle on the way back home -

Balik macam biasa lah kalau dah hujan-hujan ni kan...

Anyway its good that Amel pun get use to not having me around all the time. Time for some Independence on her part


...besides we came home a few Ringgits Richer. Apa lagi. SHOPPING! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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