Thursday, April 14, 2011

Johnson & Johnson Touch Infant Massage Workshop 2011

Massaging your baby enhances the emotional bond with your child and can calm him down, improve sleep patterns and help digestion. It's also a wonderful way for dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and other caregivers to share special time with the new addition to the family.
Additionally, research has shown that gently massaging premature babies actually helps improve their growth and development. According to one study, preemies who were massaged three times daily for ten days gained almost 50 percent more weight, were more active and alert and were able to leave the hospital six days earlier than other premature infants.[source]

I am a big fan of baby massages but following something from pamplets, brochures and online Video Tutorial is just not self satisfying.


"At only 10 months, he's already walking and pushing his toy cart. There's mummy's little architect!"
Daily infant massage increases baby's weight by 47% so baby grows strong and healthy.
Dear parent,

Giving your child daily infant massage can provide a lot of wonderful benefits. The infant massage can help your baby with healthy weight gain, increase your baby's bone mass by 15% and encourage motor skill development such as walking. The interaction during a massage also makes for a perfect bonding experience and gives your baby a sense of security that helps them feel more confident and independent. The calming effect from a massage also helps improve your baby's sleep pattern and digestion. The gentlest way to give your baby a massage is with JOHNSON'S® baby Oil. With its clinically proven pure and mild formula, it will also moisturize his delicate skin.

Don't miss out, registration for the Touch Infant Massage Workshop is now open.
JOHNSON'S® baby TOUCH Infant Massage workshop is in collaboration with KPJ Healthcare Berhad
Date State Venue Closing Date
Sun, 15 May Selangor Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa 29 Apr
Sat, 21 May Ipoh Impiana Hotel 6 May
Sun, 22 May Penang Evergreen Hotel 6 May
Sat, 28 May Kuantan MS Garden Hotel 13 May
Sat, 4 Jun Kota Bahru Renaissance Hotel 20 May
Sun, 12 Jun Kuala Lumpur Cititel Mid Valley 27 May
Sat, 25 Jun Malacca Avillion Legacy 10 Jun
Sun, 26 Jun Johor Bahru Puteri Pacific 10 Jun

Registration is only RM20.

To register, call 1-300-88-0566
or click the link below.

Join the workshop today!

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