Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lyana - This One is For You

 One of the wonderful things about blogging is that you get to met so many people in such a confined space.

Once great example is meeting Lyana. I cant really quite remember how I stumbled upon her blog but I remember how fascinated I was at reading this Malay lady's writing and her escapes in the great Scandinavian outback.

Lyana, the Malay lady who married the Viking :)

The great thing about this friendship over "fiber optic wires" is that no matter how little we see each other (in fact we've only seen each other ONCE) we're someone connected and close at heart. I think one of the best trips we had (anytime) was visiting them when Lyana was here.

 "uncle yusuf simpan odin dgn emil dlm ni kalau depa notti hehe" - kata Lyana

I am grateful to this blogger who has become my dear friend and whom I have great admire and respect for.

This poem is about you
Its tells of how we met
Two strangers in the night
United by the Internet

Us in Cyberspace by F. Myzura

Not everyday a great someone is born.
Not everyday a great MOM is born.
and definitely not everyday a great FRIEND is born.

Happy Birthday Lyana. May all your wishes come true, May Allah swt keep you from harm and may all of God's blessing be on your path always.

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