Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ready Set....GO?


Siapa sangka I would make it to my final antenatal check up??? Yahoo!

Siapa sangka I would get pregnant 2 TAHUN selepas Syasya :P

dan siapa sangka this time punya pregnancy sangat-sangat mencabar. Belum deliver dah masuk WAD. Haih...

But isnt life a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get but they are all sweet no matter how bitter they may seem???


I ada sikit sedih since I dah on the last leg of this wonderful journey. Pregnancy is a totally wonderful feeling...and 9 months macam lama tapi sekejap sahaja rupenya.

Susah dan sakit macamana pun I carry my 3rd child ni, I rasa tak sesusah mengadap customer kat call centre tempat kerja dulu at 3am I should be thankful kan? *slaps face*

However there is one thing I DONT MISS.

The looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong hours of antenatal check up.

But yesterday Allah swt was too kind...selalu dapat 9.30am, but  it was set for 9.00am. 

Suprisingly tak ramai orang semalam..

I noticed this masa I had finished my urine and BP the waiting area of all the appointment rooms.

I rasa by 9.30am camtu dah dipanggil my number and by 10.10am I dah siap jumpa Endo so tinggal ambik last few sticks of insulin kat pharmacy...



Frankly this photo was taken at 10:31:38 via my camera phone. Makcik bertugas came back at 10:43 cam tu...DUH!

So I ended up arriving home 12.30ish....tak gune la habis awal...

BUT!! I am not going to complain...COZ...its set :

Myspace Comments
Myspace Comments

I shall not grumble :P

I also decided to look up on famous people my kids share the same birthday with....turns out  she or he will share the same birth date with :

at least ada french connection :P


the daughter of one my idols Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ok la kan?

He He He
Which famous person does your kids share its birthday with??


  1. my adam shares his bday with jada pinkett smith kalo x silap

  2. Seriusly kak farah.. i thot u already in delivery room by now and quite suprised this morning when you "likes" one of my photo at FB.. terus i go to your FB wall.. ada post game aik... jeng jeng.. 5 more days to go ka.. hehehehe masa ni rasa lambat pulak ye... hehehehehe semuga selamat semuanya ya.. sama2 kita doakan..

  3. Belle : Woo Jada Pinkett Smith...I loike!

    Eny : thanks doll!